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Month: June 2019


The Truth About Suppressors: The Legal Process To Own A Suppressor

The truth of the matter is that suppressors are not easy to acquire and are expensive to attain. It is a Federal regulated item and must go through a lengthy process through the ATF to be able acquire and legal purchase a suppressor. Below will be the steps to legal own a suppressor and infographic about suppressors from National Shooting Sports Foundation.


Snapshot: Thank You For Reading

Obsidian Concepts is nothing more than a passion project for me. It has been in my mental space for years now and it is finally out and about. I understand that it is completely in its infancy at the time I am writing this post.


In Remembrance of D-Day

On this day seventy-five years ago young men of the Allied Forces where preparing to raid the beaches of Normandy. Young American soldiers were preparing for the daunting task laid before them to secure Normandy beach, guarantee a Allied Victory, and change the course of the War.