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Day: August 20, 2019


Breaking Down New Death Stranding Characters and Gameplay

On Opening Night Live Hideo Kojima offered us a further glimpse into the dystopia setting of a fractured America in Death Stranding. I’m here to breakdown the new characters and discuss the gameplay trailer that was shown at the end of Opening Night Live. Shortly after the end of ONL Sony released two character spotlight videos and one gameplay video.


Top 5 Subcompact Pistols for Conceal Carry

When considering what pistol to conceal carry there are so many options. You begin to look at reviews on internet to see what the market has to offer. From there you investigate prices on Rainier Arms, Brownells, and Gun Broker. Still with no clear picture on your needs and what you want. Shifting through all that information can be daunting. With so much to read and so many different price points to take into consideration it becomes hard to find out what is best for you.