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Day: September 6, 2019


IWI Releases New ARAD Rifle

Recently, IWI official announced the introduction of their AR platform rifle, the ARAD. IWI describes the ARAD as highly reliable and modular battle rifle. The ARAD was designed for infantry use, special forces, and law enforcement officers. The goal of the ARAD was to build a modular battle rifle for dynamic combat scenarios with the capability to change calibers if need be.


Taurus Releases New Full Size G3 Pistol

This week Taurus introduced a new full size pistol, the G3. The new pistol will be apart of Taurus G-Series of pistols. The new G3 will be chambered in 9mm, a manual safety, accepts 10,15,17 round magazines, and weighs in at 25oz. The new G3 pistol is starts at $345.23.