On the day before Shot Show 2020 begins, Alex and I went out to Alliance Week held at Pro Gun Club in Henderson. There we had a chance to meet some awesome vendors such as STI, Triarc Systems, Walther, H&K, Atlas Gunworks, Dead Air Sliencers, and many more.

When, we arrived at the Alliance event we didn’t know what to expect. As, we adventure around Pro Gun Club we quickly discovered that you could shoot many of the firearms there. I instantly turned into a kid in a candy store. This allotted me the opportunity to shoot some firearms I never had the chance to shoot. Allowing me to see if the price is worthy of the product that we consumers are investing in. Which, I will say for many of the products I had the chance to shoot are worth the price tags the respective companies are asking for.

While at the event I had the chance to shoot a plethora of different firearms which was quite an awesome experience. The firearms that stood out in my mind were the 2011s at the event. I had the opportunity to shoot the Staccato P, a Triarc Systems 2011, and the Atlas Gunworks lineup of 2011s.

This isn’t my first time shooting a 2011 platform. I have spent sometime shooting a co-workers Staccato P at the range together. So, I had a baseline of what to expect from the 2011s I had the opportunity to shoot that day. I was expecting the STI 2011 to reign supreme. That would not be the case. I was dead wrong on that assumption. The STI Staccato P wasn’t even the best 2011 out there that day, it was the third best. Triarc Systems 2011 takes second place on this day. The best 2011 I shot that day was built by Atlas Gunworks.

Full disclosure time here people. I had never heard of Atlas Gunworks before I shot their 2011 lineup. I didn’t know what to expect. So, I was going in with no preconceived notions on what this company can bring to the table or what type of 2011s they can produce. Man…oh…man was I in for a big surprise.

When, Alex and I arrived at the Atlas’s booth, I lean in and asked him, “Have you ever heard of Atlas, before?”

He responds with a resounding, “Oh, yes!” From there he proceeds to tell me that they arguably make the best 2011s on the market.

I was like, “Really?” Finding this out only piqued my interest more. Also, apart of me didn’t want to believe him because I was still under the impression that STI reigned supreme.

So, I took the plunge and asked could I dry fire one of their 2011s. The first 2011 I picked up was the Titan. From the moment I picked up a Atlas 2011 it exuded a level of life precision, quality, and craftsmanship I personally have never experienced before. The design language and aesthetics were flawless. The Titan was sexy and seductive. The matte black paint job made it look mean and aggressive. I was in design heaven absorbing the sexy aesthetics of the Titan. The Titan is a sexy beast of a 2011 to witness with your own eyes.

Holding the Titan in my hand it felt extremely balanced. When racking the slide back in forth it was smooth as silk. The first time racked the slide I melted on the inside. It was like I was looking looking a pair of piercing, smokey, and seductive eyes of a beautiful woman. Man, the movement of that slide was just silky smooth. Thinking about the time, effort, and craftsmanship put into that pistol gets me hyped to say the least. After racking the slide a few more times and enjoying the smooth and precise movement of the slide like a Swiss watch. I only became more engrossed with the Titan. The mating of the slide, barrel and frame done by Atlas is absolutely phenomenal craftsmanship.

After indulging in the precision and smoothness of racking the slide. I finally took the plunge and dry fired the Titan. The trigger work done on this Atlas Titan is insane. This trigger…right…here…is…fucking…filthy. I mean just a straight-up heathen. This trigger is so deliciously good it made me want to go around like Arsenio Hall and slap people for not telling me how good the trigger was. The trigger pull was crisp with and satisfying break. It had little to no pre-travel before the break of the trigger. Your wall immediate. The reset, disgustingly short. Mmmmmm…oh…my goodness…the reset. It is utterly disgusting on how short the trigger reset was. The reset of the trigger also had a great audible click, along with a responsive tactile feel on the reset. The trigger within that Titan is a straight heathen. A monster! No, questions asked.

After drying firing the Titan a few times I passed it over to Alex. His sentiments where the exact same. That is when Mike an Atlas Gunworks sponsored shooter came over and asked us, “If we would like to shoot the Titan?” I initially told him no because I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford any of those wonderful toys. Yet, in the end Mike convinced me to go ahead and shoot the Titan.

I was completely blown away by the Titan. It met and defied all my expectations from my dry fire impressions. The Titan laid flat as I shot it like I was shooting a laser beam. Felt recoil was a minimum, sights staying laser focused on the target, and the trigger was as filthy as I hoped for. Shooting fast with the Titan was easy and effortless. I pulled off hammered pairs with no problem. I mean just drilling steel. It was sexy and addicting shooting experience. From top to bottom Titan is an exceptionally well made 2011.

Side note: For the unfamiliar a hammer pair is taking two shots with one sight picture. The more you know.

After shooting I asked Mike the dreaded question, “How much would this set me back?”

He tells me, “As, currently setup about $3,750.”

I shake my head and say, “Wooooo…damn I don’t have that type of money but, this Titan is filthy.”

Mike continues to tell me more about the Titan and the other 2011s in Atlas Gunworks lineup. Mike introduces me to the Hyperion, Athena, and Nemesis.

Atlas Gunworks Hyperion

First, he introduces me to the Hyperion. The Hyperion is a full size 2011 from Atlas. The Hyperion was designed for 3Gun, 2Gun, USPSA, IPSC competitive shooting. Chambered in 9mm.

Atlas Gunworks Athena

Next, he gives me the rundown of the Athena. The Athena is their carry or duty ready 2011 from Atlas. The Athena comes with a removable iron sight plate to mount an optic such as a: Trijicon SRO, Delta Point Pro, Vortex Venom, and etc.

Atlas Gunworks Nemesis

Finally, he shows off the Nemesis. The Nemesis is also a full size 2011 from Atlas. The Nemesis was designed for 3Gun Practical Pistol Division and USPSA Limited Division. The Nemesis can be chambered in 9mm or .40 S&W.

While talking and discussing the Hyperion, Athena, and Nemesis. I had the opportunity to shoot all 3. My impressions of all three are the same. They are exceptionally designed 2011s from inception to final build. All three 2011s shot incredibly flat, minimum felt recoil and I had the ability to take accurate and fast follow up shots. Mike encouraged me to shoot fast. He told me, “To trust the firearm. If you are doing what you need to do as a shooter your sights will return back on target.” I took Mike’s advice and it did exactly that when I shot the Hyperion, Athena and Nemesis fast. I posted a video on my Instagram showing me shredding with the Athena. Almost every round hit that steel target.

The surprise of the day for me came from the Nemesis. Mike allowed me to shoot his personal Nemesis chambered in .40 S&W. He kept making the claim that it shoots .40 S&W like 9mm. I honestly didn’t believe him. I was interested to shoot it and he agreed to let me shoot his Nemesis chambered in .40 S&W.

When, I shot that Nemesis I was throughly impressed. I could barely tell the difference on the perceived felt recoil between the 9mm and .40 S&W. Which is no small feat by any standards. That’s a Herculean task to be honest. I was also able to shoot that Nemesis chambered in .40 S&W as fast and as accurate as its 9mm counterpart. Which is absolutely mind blowing in my opinion. The Nemesis chambered in .40 S&W truly impressed.

At the end of my time talking extensively with Mike and shooting Atlas Gunworks 2011 lineup. I had the firm belief that Atlas Gunworks makes the best 2011s on the market. I don’t make that claim lightly either ladies and gentlemen. I am very critical when it comes to firearms. You are hard pressed to find a weapon that meets and defies expectations out of the box from me.

Atlas Gunworks makes the premier 2011s on the market. For a $5,000 dollar price tag you can have excellence. STI and Triarc Systems make wonderful 2011s and are worth their price points. Are those 2011’s better than an Atlas? Nah, bruh not even close. There not even in the same stratosphere with Atlas. I haven’t been able to compare an Atlas to a Nighthawk Custom. Could a Nighthawk give an Atlas a run for it’s money? Yeah, sure….maybe. But, I would still give the edge to Atlas.

Side note: The Nighthawk Custom is a kind of a toss up because it’s an upgrade. Nighthawk offers a double stack upgrade to their single stack 1911 chambered in 9mm. So, I don’t know if that counts.

At, the end of the day I defy you to shoot an Atlas 2011 and then tell me that they can find another 2011 better on the market. This scenario I laid out should become the Atlas Challenge. I defy you to find another 2011 better than an Atlas Gunworks. That 2011 will be weighed, measured, and found left wanting.

If you want to learn more about Atlas Gunworks phenomenal handguns, click here. Also, add them on social media to keep up with all their great content.

Have you shot an Atlas Gunworks 2011? If so, what are your thoughts? Do you believe they make the best 2011 on the market? Let us know in the comments below.

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