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Welcome to another Top 5 article. It’s been a long while since our initial Top 5. No matter, we are back ready to dive into another Top 5 article. 

When trying to decide the next Top 5 article it’s always a hard decision. There are so many weapon platforms and categories to choose from it can become a bit overwhelming. For this article I have decided to go with a submachine gun and I chose the iconic HK MP5.

The HK MP5 is easily one of the most widely known and instant recognizable 9mm submachine guns on the planet. The HK MP5 has been the mainstay in the law enforcement and military communities since its inception. The iconic submachine gun has been used in countless movies, comics, and video games during its 50 plus years in existence. It has been in movies such as the Rambo, The Kingdom, S.W.A.T., The Negotiator, Blackhawk Down, Training Day, and many more. Used in video games such as the Call Of Duty Series, Battlefield, and CounterStrike. Along with countless TV shows and comic book series.

The MP5 is the jack of all trades when it comes down to versatility. If you need a compact and easily concealable one you have the MP5K. If you wanted an MP5 with an integrated light just choose the MP5A2 with a Surefire light built into the forend. If you wanted to move with quiet precision you have the MP5SD. Along with a multitude of other variants MP5. It essentially boils down to picking the one that fits the role you need it to. As, you can see the MP5 is an iconic submachine gun used by law enforcement and federal agencies around the globe. 

Before we hop into the Top 5 let’s get a quick history on the MP5. 

History of the HK MP5

The Heckler and Koch MP5 is a 9mm submachine gun, developed by a team of German engineers in the 1960’s. The MP5 was developed from the G3 platform which was chambered in 7.62x51mm. The MP5 was apart of the fourth group of firearms developed under the HK G3 architecture and chambered in 9mm. The MP5 was initial known as the HK54. 

Work on the MP5 began in 1964 and two years later the German Federal Police, German Special Forces, and Border Agents where using the MP64. The originally designation of MP64 doesn’t stick and later becomes known as the MP5.

In the 1980’s the MP5 achieved icon status when it was used on live television during the SAS raid on the Iranian Embassy in London. Killing five terrorists and rescuing the hostages held in the Embassy. Since, then the MP5 has become a mainstay in law enforcement and military communities. Only further cementing it’s iconic status. 

That’s enough of the history behind the MP5. Let’s get into the Top 5 Movies with MP5 in it. 

5. Sicario- Border Ambush Scene

Sicario was a dark gritty and honest look at the complexities with the War On Drugs. Sicario is graphic, grim and intense in its message and violence. Letting the violence hit home with a strong punch. The gunfighting in this movie is solid and well shot. 

Alejandro Gilick played by Benicia Del Toro shows us how to do work with an MP5 SD during the border ambush scene. It was awesome to see Del Toro use that MP5 SD with ruthless efficiency like a boss. Letting us know. What we already knew. Gilick was a not a man to be trifled with. If you want to see some love handed out the MP5 SD check out Sicario. 

4. Speed- Jack and Harry Clearing Building 

Towards the beginning of Speed LAPD S.W.A.T. Officers Jack (Keanu) and Harry (Daniels) clear and search a building after a responding to reports of an hostage situation over the police scanner. Jack pops his trunk to reveal his and Harry’s gear and MP5 A3s. They gear up and being to clear the building looking for the hostages and the perpetrators involved. The extortionist/bomber is later identified as Howard Payne. Who is the main antagonist of the film. As, the film plays out we see Jack and Harry wielding their HK MP5 A3’s doing work and saving lives. 

A lot of firearms enthusiasts know that those aren’t real HK MP5 A3s. What is really being used are HK94 A3. It’s barrel has been chopped down and converted to resemble an MP5 A3. Along with a Surefire light that was integrated into the forends of the MP5 A3s.

3. Lethal Weapon 2- Riggs Beach Shootout

Use of the MP5 and it’s variants are all through the four movies of the Lethal Weapon franchise. So, it was hard coming up with my favorite scene. But, the scene that first popped up in my head was the beach shootout at Riggs trailer. 

We all know how the scene plays out. Riggs has just finished getting it on with the beautiful Rika Van Den Hass (Patsy Kensit). The assistant to corrupt Consul-General Ajren Rudd of South Africa. Rudd has sent his goons to take care of Riggs and Hass. 

As, we know Riggs isn’t having any of that and uses his Special Forces training to outwit and out shoot Rudd’s goon. Who I might say have every tactical advantage on him. At one point and time Riggs jumps on to the top of his trailer to engage the helicopter with an MP5 to give Hass time to get to the truck. 

At, the end Riggs saves the day, slays some bodies, and returns Ms. Hass to her apartment. As, we all know that is the last time Riggs sees her alive and after that rampage ensues. 

2. Matrix- The Lobby Scene

The first Matrix movie was an instant sci-fi and cyberpunk classic. It made us all question our realities. Where we truly in the Matrix. While also making us ask are you the one? 

The Matrix also bought us excellently choreographed slow-motion fight scenes and over-the-top gunplay. The Matrix used legendary fight choreographer Yuen Woo-Ping in The Matrix blending East and West action sensibilities. Which was big for growth of the action movie industry. 

One of the best scenes with the MP5 is towards the end of the movie where Neo(Keanu) decides to go on a kamikaze mission to go save Morpheus (Fishburne) from Agent Smith. Trinity (Moss) won’t let him go alone so they team up to save Morpheus. 

Morpheus is being held in a giant corporate building by Agent Smith. Smith is torturing Morpheus for information he believes he knows about exiting the human simulation aka The Matrix. 

After this interaction that is where we see it cut to Neo and Trinity walking into the building with to big cargo bags and dress in black. Neo puts the bag on the scanner and pops hot for metal detection. Opens his duster and exposes his mini arsenal. He strikes the security guard into the next century. Then, Neo pulls out the MP5K and brings to lay waste to the security other security guards. 

It is a brief moment with the MP5K but, it gets it’s time to shine in the movie spotlight. While also making Neo look like a complete badass and setting up his final moments of Neo realizing that he is “The One.” 

Honorable Mention

Before we get into the the number one choice for Top 5 Movies with an MP5 time for our choice of honorable mention. 

Bad Boy II- Tapia’s Mansion Shootout

The Tapia Mansion Shootout is one of my favorite shootouts in a film. It has all of the good classic Micheal Bayisms: a beautiful setting, a big set piece, and big explosions. 

In the climatic scene you have Mike (Smith), Marcus (Lawerence), DEA, Miami SWAT, Cuban resistance fighters storming Tapia’s Cuban Mansion to save Marcus’s sister Syd(Union) from Tapia. 

In the final shootout you see Mike doing work with an MP5SD with a red dot and light attached to the front, as he and Marcus clear Tapia’s mansion looking for Syd. Mike is being surgical and smooth with the MP5SD disposing of Tapia’s henchmen with ease. Mike does some nice work with his MP5SD. Ultimately, finding Syd safe and helping with the exfil from the property.

At, this point all hell is breaking loose and Mike calls for an Audible to plan B. Marcus is confused on what plan B is. As, they switch to plan B Mike leads them out of Tapia’s Mansion while doing some wet work of goons along the way. 

From there we all know how the rest of Bad Boys II plays out. 

Now, to the number one pick in my Top 5 Movies with an MP5.

1. Die Hard- Yippie Kay Yea Motherfucker 

Number one on the list for Top 5 movies with an MP5 is Die Hard. Die Hard is not only a action movie classic. It is also a great Christmas movie for all us action lovers throughout the world. It can’t be beat. You have all the right elements.  Resourceful and smart cop. Check. John McClane. A good antagonist. Check. The notorious Hans Gruber. Setting. Check. Nakatomi Plaza. Do we have a good motivation for our hero? Check. To save his wife from the hand of a Terrorist and his crew. 

Throughout Die Hard we see McClane(Willis) use his smart and resourceful nature to outwit and destroy Gruber and his crew. Doesn’t mean McClane didn’t take a lot of damage and get in some hairy situations. He ended up in a lot of them but was always able to get out. 

For most of the movie he had that MP5 with him strapped and ready to do work. That MP5 was a life saver and game changer for John during the movie. 

The scene that sticks with me is the back and forth between McClane and Gruber over the radio. Gruber telling him to give up or he will end up a dead man. While McClane sarcastically responds to Gruber demands and says the classic line with MP5 in hand, “Yippee-Ki-Yay motherfucker.” Classic. 

Did you agree with this list? What is your favorite movie or scene from this list? What movie do you feel should have made the Top 5. Let me know in the comments below. 

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