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Month: May 2020


Diamondback Firearms Releases DBX 5.7

Back at in January at Shot Show 2020 Diamondback Firearms debuted their AR pistol at Shot Show range day. The new AR pistol is chambered in 5.7×28. Now, fast forward to May and Diamondback Firearms is ready to launch the DBX 5.7 pistol.


Browe Releases Browe Micro Reflex Sight

Browe, recently announced the release of their new red dot sight called the Browe Mirco Reflex Sight. The new BMR is small, intuitive, and effective options for rifle, pistol, or shotgun. In the competitive RMR market with the like of heavy hitters as, Trijicon, Leupold, and Holosun.


For The Fallen

Memorial Day is a call to remembrance. A moment to remember the fallen of this great nation. These men have shed precious blood and given their lives for the principles and ideals of this nation for the past 200 plus years. It is in this moment…in this day that we remember their sacrifice to our great nation. It is a time that our country should wholeheartedly embrace and remember their sacrifice.