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Month: July 2020


Shotgun Basics: Part Two

Welcome back to Beginner’s Guide To Firearms and Shotgun Basics: Part Two. In part one of Shotgun Basics we covered the 3 common types of shotguns, actions, and ammunition used in shotguns. In part two we will cover rare/obscure shotgun types, nomenclature, and firing cycle of a pump-action and semiautomatic shotgun.


Primary Releases New GLx 30mm and 34mm Scope Mounts

Yesterday, Primary Arms released their new GLx 30mm and 34mm scope mounts. These new mounts from Primary Arms are apart of their mid-tier GLx lineup of scopes and mounts. The GLx brings premium technology and materials at reasonable price point for consumers. Let’s see what the new GLx scope mounts from Primary Arms has to offer.



Last year SIG added to the P365 family with the P365 SAS. The SAS stands for SIG Anti- Snag. The new sights made by Meprolight integrates the front and rear sight together. By doing this they remove the need for a front sight. Making your conceal carry pistol less likely to get caught on clothing when drawing your pistol from the conceal. Now, SIG is offering the new P938 SAS in this same configuration.


Shotgun Basics: Part One

Welcome to part five of the Beginner’s Guide To Firearm Basics. This week we are going to cover Shotgun Basics. Shotguns are much more in-depth than I planned on them being so it will be broken down into two separate parts. As, usual this guide is here to be an introduction into shotguns and their operation.


Pistol Basics and Nomenclature

Welcome to part four of The Beginner’s Guide To Firearms. Perviously, we covered Revolver Basics and Nomenclature. In this entry we will continue to cover handguns and will be focusing on semiautomatic pistols. This guide is designed to give you the basic understanding of a semiautomatic pistol and their operation.