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Month: December 2020


Year In Review—Taking A Closer Look At The Firearm Industry In 2020

This year for the firearm industry and community has seen tremendous growth. While having to deal with struggle as well. In 2020, we experienced record sales and growth of companies. We faced the challenges of canceled trade shows. All the while dealing with the tyranny of government and it’s agencies. (Talking to you ATF) Throughout, all those obstacles due to Covid-19 lockdowns, mass civil unrest, and tyranny from the government the industry continued to flourish. As, Americans have sought firearms for self defense in these chaotic times we reside in. The value of gun ownership has been made very clear during the unprecedented times we live in.


Springfield PD Upgrades to S&W M&P M2.0 From S&W M&P 40

Recently, Smith and Wesson announced that they have provided over 600 new pistols to their hometown police department, the Springfield PD. The police department will be replacing S&W M&P 40 with the S&W M&P 2.0 as their new duty pistol. It’s is unclear weather the department will be switching to 9mm or staying with .40 cal.