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Month: December 2022

Gear and Optics 0

TXC Holsters X WRMFZY Collab Drops Today At 4 pm CST

TXC Holsters is well-known within the firearms industry for making premium, well-built concealed carry holsters. WRMFZY is known for being one of the most influential purveyors of firearm culture in popular culture. WRMFZY designs clothing, gear, and accessories that has mass-market appeal. Now, TXC Holsters and WRMFZY are joining forces to bring you an exclusive new print for TXC holsters.

Training & Assessment 0

Training & Assessment: Taking Achilles Heel Tactical’s Vehicle Tactics Course

This year I was blessed to have the opportunity to attend to recieve formalized training this year. Training is expensive, ammo is expensive, and travel is expensive. People have to pick and choose where they want to invest their time and money. Training and constant evaluation as a shooter is imperative. Shooting is a perishable skill set by nature. So, we hve to take advantage of training when we can. AHT provides a course that is worth your hard earned cash.

Industry News 0

One Of A Kind–Achilles Heel Tactical Unveils The Arrow Of Paris Rifle Build & Sells It Less Than An Hour After Its Launch

In the firearms community, it is difficult to navigate through the plethora of choices when it comes down to rifles, optics, and accessories. This abundance of choice leads to the consumer adopting a trial-and-error method when it comes down to buying firearms or firearm-related products. This trial-and-error method leads to time wasted, frustration, and money wasted by the end consumer.

Gear and Optics 0

Cold Steel Unveils New Verdict EDC Folding Knives

Cold Steel has recently unveiled the newest addition to its EDC lineup of folding knives with the Verdict. The new series of EDC Knives from Cold Steel will feature offer a variety of handle colors, a 3” stainless steel blade, and Cold Steel’s Tri-Ad lock system. The Verdict will also be available in an assortment of blade styles

Industry News 0

Energetic Armament Releases The Vox-K2 Suppressor

Energetic Armament is a suppressor company known for building high-quality, lightweight, rugged, and durable suppressor systems. The Vox-S is one of the most popular suppressors that the company sells. Back in 2019, Energetic Armament announced the compact version of the Vox-K with the “K” indicating Kurtz which is German for “short”.

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Meet Springfield’s New PCC—The Saint Victor 9mm

Over the last decade, the Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) has steadily increased in popularity within the firearms community. A PCC provides great fun and utility as a fun rifle for plinking or competition purposes. Earlier this week, Springfield Armory announced the first PCC to the Saint lineup with Saint Victor Carbine (SVC) chambered in 9mm.

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Noveske Introduces The People’s Rifle—The Chainsaw

Noveske is a well-known rifle manufacturer within the firearms industry. It carries a legacy of building premium, rugged, and reliable ARs for the end user. To have a premium rifle experience that Noveske provides comes at a hefty price tag. With its newest rifle series, the company seeks to change that. Noveske is proud to introduce a new budget-friendly version of their rifles, meet the Chainsaw.