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Day: January 11, 2023

Gear and Optics 0

Unity Tactical Releases The AXON Pressure Switch

Unity Tactical is known for making accessories and gear to improve the effectiveness and quality of life for a shooter on their rifles. One of the first success stories for the company was the Unity Taps Switch which offered a one-point control system for an end user’s weapon-mounted electronics. Now, Unity brings the next evolution in its new switch lineup with the AXON.

Industry News 0

FN America Reveals The New FN 510 And FN 545 Tactical

The FN 509 Tactical from FN America has been a big success for the company. Offering shooters a striker-fired pistol filled with features from the get-go. The Tactical series from FN includes threaded barrels, optic-ready slides, and suppressor-height sights. Now, FN is offering that same feature set in two new big-bore pistols. FN America is proud to announce the FN 510 Tactical chambered in 10mm and the FN 545 Tactical chambered in .45 ACP.