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Day: January 17, 2023

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Shot Show 2023: Barrett Firearms Bought By Australian Defence Contractor NIOA

Yesterday, Australian Defence Contractor NIOA fully acquired Barrett Firearms. Barrett was founded back in 1982 by Ronnie Barrett, inventor of the Barrett .50 Cal anti-material rifle. Over the proceeding decades, the Barrett anti-material rifle and .50 BMG have become synonymous in the firearms industry. Barrett also created the highly adaptable and modular MRAD rifle. Barrett has continued to innovate and be a leader in the precision rifle market. Barrett rifles are trusted and used by militaries, law enforcement, and civilians around the globe.

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Shot Show 2023: Glock Introduces The Glock Performance Trigger & Expands Its Gen 5 Lineup

Yesterday, Glock officially launched their newest entries into the Gen 5 family and its first accessory every design by the Austrian manufacturer. At Industry Day Glock introduced the newest entries to the Gen 5 family with the G47 chambered in 9mm, G20 chambered in 10mm, and the G21 chambered in .45ACP. Glock also released the Glock Performance Trigger. The first aftermarket accessory ever designed by Glock.