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Month: June 2023

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Desert Heat: Safariland Unveils New Multicam Arid Holsters

Safariland holsters and tactical gear is used by law enforcement and militaries from around the world. Their products are known to provide rugged functionality and durability. Recently, Sarfariland unveiled their latest special edition camouflage holster in Multicam Arid. Three holsters will feature multicam arid, the 6304 RDS, 6354 RDS, and 6354 RDSO. The new holsters will be available for all popular pistols currently on the market.

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Enhancing Performance: Taking First Defense’s Performance Rifle & Pistol Course

We all seek to enhance our performance as shooters. We quest for knowledge through books, media, and drill standards. Yet, performance is built upon so much more. You need to understand the building block of performance shooting. I had the opportunity to take First Defense’s Performance Rifle and Pistol class. Let’s take a deep dive into what this class truly has to offer.

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Safariland Unveils New RSDO 6000 Series Holsters

Safariland is known for making making rugged, reliable, and strong holsters. They are one of the premier holster manufacturers in the industry. Safariland holsters are trusted by military, law enforcement, and competitive shooters from around the world. The company also manufactures body armor, hearing protection, and tactical gear as well. Safariland is proud to announce the new 6390 RSDO and 6354 RSDO to the 6000 series of holsters.

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SIG SAUER Releases New MCX-Spear LT AR Conversion Kits

Late last year, SIG SAUER released the MCX-Spear LT to the civilian market. Originally designed for the British SAS. The MCX-Spear LT takes design cues from its big brother the MCX Spear and puts it into a smaller package. Finding and acquiring a new MCX-Spear LT has been a herculean challenge at best. Also, a lot of people just wanted the upper to put on their lower receiver of choice.

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Federal Ammunition Releases the New lineup Of Train + Protect In 10mm

Over the last couple of years, there has been a slow resurgence in the popularity of 10mm. Earlier this year Glock released the G20 Gen 5 in 10mm. While SIG SAUER released the SIG X-Ten with great success. With that increase in popularity, Federal Ammunition has jumped into the fray. Federal Ammunition is proud to announce the expansion of its Train + Protect lineup with the Train + Protect 10mm.