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Month: July 2023

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True Velocity Announces The Acquisition Of Suppressor Manufacturer Delta P Design

Recently, True Velocity announced the acquisition of suppressor manufacturer Delta P. Design. Delta P is based in Oregon and specializes in 3D-printed suppressor technology. True Velocity and Delta P previously worked together as a part of True Velocity’s bid for the NGSW program. This acquisition comes when True Velocity is gearing up for a request in the forthcoming solicitation to submit a lightweight machine gun with a suppressor.

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Rossi Introduces The New R95 Lever Action Rifles Chambered In .30-30 Win

Over the last few years, the lever action has gained popularity within the shooting community. That has come because of the modernization of the platform, with manufacturers accommodating optics and red dot mounting into the design. At the same time, companies such as Ranger Point and Midwest Industries have provided stocks and handguards for the lever actions. Now, Rossi is proud to introduce their new R95 lever actions rifles chambered in .30-30 Winchester.

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Next-Gen Ammo for the Masses: True Velocity Launches Composite-Cased 5.56 To The Civilian Market

Ever since its inception, True Velocity that has been on the razor’s edge of innovation when it comes down to ammunition. The company uses composite-cased ammo instead of the traditional brass casing. This ammunition was designed as a part of the Lone Star Future Weapons and True Velocity’s submission to the U.S. Army’s NGSW program with RM 277. The Army wanted lighter, more potent ammo to withstand the elements better than brass.

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Cloud Defensive Releases The New MCH-HC Dual Fuel Flashlight

Cloud Defensive has gained a reputation as an innovator within the flashlight/weapon light market. Cloud’s success with the OWL, Rein, and MCH has launched the company as one of the industry’s leaders. Not resting on its previous achievements, the light manufacturer continues to grow and produce a better product. Now, Cloud Defensive is proud to introduce the MCH-HC Duel Fuel flashlight.

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Magpul Releases The DAKA Hard Case With Grid Organizer

At Shot Show 2023, attendees were given the first glimpse of the Magpul DAKA Hard Case. The case was Magpul’s entrance into the rifle transportation and storage market. With the DAKA, Magpul looked to solve many of the weaknesses associated with hard cases and provide a robust, rugged, and easy-to-organize storage system. The Daka Hard Case and Grid Organizer combined to create a premium storage solution that can optimize storage space for your rifle and gear.

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Next-Generation Optics: SIG SAUER Launches Romeo-X Series Pistol Red Dots

Earlier this year at Shot Show 2023, SIG SAUER introduced the Romeo-M17. The M17 was designed and built from the ground up to fit on top of SIG M17/18. The optic was built to be reliable and robust to handle the wear and tear that military gear takes. SIG took all the lessons from the Romeo-M17 and put them into a civilian-friendly version. SIG SAUER is excited to announce the Romeo-X series of pistol red dots.

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Palmetto State Armory Releases New Sabre-10 Series Of Rifles

Palmetto State Armory(PSA) has a vast lineup of firearms made in-house by the manufacturing giant. The company has absorbed many brands within the industry and brought them under one roof. This influx of skill and talent has led PSA to expand its firearm horizons. One of those ventures is Plametto’s Sabre lineup. The Sabre lineup is premium-built ARs with high-quality accessories at a great price point.

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Nomad Defense Releases The Nomad 9X

Nomad Defense is known for making high-quality frames for the Glock Gen 4 and 5 pistols. Frames from Nomad feature improved ergonomics, adjustable back straps, and built-in gas pedals to help manage recoil better. These frames are an upgrade compared to traditional Glock frames. Now, Nomad Defense is proud to introduce the Nomad 9X.

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Magpul Releases Defiant Eyewear Series

Over the last couple of years, Magpul has expanded outside of its regular market of magazines, firearm accessories, and components. They have slowly branched out and introduced gear, apparel, and cases. Magpul is proud to present its new Defiant series of eyewear. Defiant eyewear is designed to deliver functionality, adaptability, and ballistic protection with maximum coverage and visibility.

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Burris Releases The New Veracity PH 4-20x50mm Scope

Burris Optics is known for making high quality scopes made for hunting and precision shooting. Over the last few years Burris has been pushing the limits of what type of technology is housed within their scopes. Recently, Burris Optics released the new Veracity 4-20x50mm scope with an internal HUD and new programmable Elevation Knob system.

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Stag Arms Releases Project SPCTRM Series Of Rifles

Over the last few years Stag Arms brand has had a great resurgence in the firearms industry. During that time Stag has built a reputation for building robust and reliable rifles the consumers enjoy and love. Stag Arms is proud to introduce its new series of limited edition AR-15s in various colors. The new series is called Special Tactical Rifle Makeup better known as Project SPCTRM.

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MDT Field Stock: Uncompromising Quality Meets Affordability for Budget-Conscious Shooters

Earlier this year at Shot Show, MDT officially announced the Field Stock to the masses. The MDT Field Stock is a budget-friendly option for shooters seeking a solid chassis to place their Remington 700 short-action rifle. The Field Stock features an over-molded polymer body, adjustable cheek riser, adjustable length of pull, ambidextrous magazine latch, and M-Lok compatible forend.