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Day: September 12, 2023

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Edgar Brothers Release Details On The Upcoming L403A1

Last week, news dropped of UK Ministry of Defence awarded Knights Armament KS-1 as the winner of the Alternative Individual Weapon System, now known as the L403A1. The Edgar Brothers are UK-based contractor who will be building and delivering the rifles to Rangers and Royal Marines battalions. The UK plans on procuring 10,000 rifles over the next decade with the initial drop of 1,600 rifles by the end of this year. The Edgar Brothers releases more details on the rifle and a breakdown of its components.

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Aimpoint Announces They Will Be The Supplier Of Red Dots For The New L403A1

Last week, the UK Ministry of Defence announced Knights Armament KS-1 as the winner of the Alternative Individual Weapon System, also known as Project Hunter. The new designation for the KS-1 will be the L403A1. The Alternative Individual Weapon System features three significant elements:(1) the KAC KS-1, (2) the optic system L900A1, and (3) a training system. The Aimpoint will be outfitting the new L403A1 with the ACRO P-2 closed emitter as a part of the optic system for the service rifle.

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UK Ministry Of Defence Selects Knight’s Armament KS-1 As Its New Combat Rifle

Recently, the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence selected Knight’s Armament Company (KAC) KS-1 as its new service rifle for Ranger Battalions and elements of the Royal Marine Commandos. The KS-1 was a part of the UK’s Project Hunter, launched to solicit qualified applicants to select a new Alternative Individual Weapon (AIW) to replace the SA80/L85 series of rifles and Colt Canada L119s currently used by Rangers and Royal Marines. The Knight’s KS-1 official nomenclature will be known as the L403A1.