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Day: September 14, 2023

Gear and Optics 0

Powered By The Sun: Holosun Releases The Much Anticipated Holosun SCS-320 Red Dot Sight

Holosun Optics has gained a reputation for making innovative, reliable, and rugged optics for pistols and rifles. This pedigree has pushed other optic manufacturers to innovate while being price-competitive with Holosun optics. One of Holosun’s most popular innovations is the Solar Charging Sight series of red dot optics. Holosun is proud to introduce the newest entry to the SCS series with the SCS-320. The new SCS features a 20,000 hr rechargeable battery, has a Delta Point Foot, features Holosun’s multi-reticle design, and is fully enclosed.

Gear and Optics 0

There Can Only Be One: Safariland Releases Exclusive Kryptek Highlander Camo Pattern Series of Holsters

Safariland has set the gold standard in the global holster market and is trusted by professionals worldwide with unparalleled quality and remarkable reliability. The 6000 series of holsters is the most successful line of holsters Safariland potentially produces. The 6000 series features many variations for each specific handgun, light, and optic combination. Safariland is known for making exclusive Camo pattern wraps for its holster. Safariland is proud to introduce its newest addition to the lineup with the Kryptek Highlander Camo pattern for the 3654RDS, 6304RDS, and 6354RDSO ALS holsters.

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Brownells Introduces Introduces The New BRN-15 Uppers

Brownells is the country’s largest online retailer for firearms, firearm parts, accessories, ammunition, gunsmithing tools, and survival gear. Over the years, the company has successfully launched its Retro Series of M-16 clone correct rifles, the BRN-180 series, and Glock Gen 3 clones and parts. Now, Brownells is proud to expand its growing BRN brand with the BRN-15 upper receivers. The new uppers are chambered in 5.56 NATO and are available in three different barrel length options— 16”, 13.7”, and 11.5” inches.