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Day: October 17, 2023

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Vista Outdoors Sells Ammunition Companies To CSG In $1.91 Billion Deal

In a stunning deal, American outdoor conglomerate Vista Outdoor sold its ammunition companies to the privately owned CZ Group in a deal worth $1.91 billion. In the staggering deal, CZ group will be acquiring four factories and four consumer brands, which are Federal, Speer, CCI, Hevi-Shot, and Remington. Vista Outdoor is restructuring the company and shedding its shooting sports businesses. The morning for Vista was already turbulent on the NYSE when the company announced a cut in its sales forecast for the entire year; shares tumbled about 20%.

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Speer Ammunition is Awarded Duty Ammo Contract For Miami-Dade Police Department

Speer Ammunition has earned a well-deserved reputation for producing premium defensive ammunition tailored for law enforcement and personal defense. Their hollow point ammunition, available for both pistols and rifles, stands out as a lethal and exceptionally crafted choice. Over time, Speer Gold Dot has emerged as the top ammunition preference for numerous police agencies across the United States and globally. Notably, the Miami-Dade Police Department recently entrusted Speer Ammunition with a significant contract to manufacture 9mm 124-grain +P and .223 Rem 75-grain Gold Dot ammunition.

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Primary Arms & Sons Of Liberty Gun Works Collaborate On New M-16 A5 Build

Primary Arms(PA) is one of the biggest online retailers of firearms, parts, and accessories. The blossoming and booming company has also built an successful line of red dots, riflescopes, and optics. Son of Liberty Gunworks(SOLGW) is known for building a well-built, rugged, and reliable rifle for today’s shooters. The two companies have joined forces for an exclusive Primary Arms build. The new exclusive brings some old, some new, and some who will consider it an egregious crime against the M-16 platform. Primary Arms and SOLGW are proud to announce the M-16 A5.