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Day: October 19, 2023

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C+H Precision Introduces Cutting-Edge Modular Ring Mount for LPVOs

During the last year, C&H Precision has stepped outside of its comfort zone and began to develop its line of products. At Shot Show this year, the company introduced its lineup of pistol optics. Now, the company is producing accessories for those optics. C&H Precision is proud to announce its new lineup of modular scope rings. The unique scope rings from C&H don’t replace the top of the scope ring, limiting placement; instead, it’s on a separate set of rings, allowing the user to place it where it suits their needs best.

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Sound Suppression Redefined: Surefire’s SOCOM RC3 and Its Low Back Pressure Design

Surefire is known for building some of the industry’s most rugged and reliable suppressors on the market. The RC2 and RC2 mini are the benchmark other suppressors manufacturers try to meet. Over the years, the RC2 series has been trusted by SF operators, law enforcement, and civilians worldwide for its unmarried performance. The company looks forward to continuing that lineage with its next generation of suppressors. Surefire proudly announces the next generation of suppressor technology, the SOCOM RC3.