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A Breath Of Fresh Air: HUXWRX Releases The Ventum 762 HUB Suppressor

HUXWRX has carved a distinctive reputation in the firearms industry, renowned for its groundbreaking designs and unwavering commitment to driving innovation in the suppressor market. This innovation has pushed the suppressor industry towards a significant paradigm shift in recent years. The company has been a champion of its trademark Flow-Through suppressor technology that reduces the back pressure and release of toxic gases into the shooter’s face. HUXWRX is proud to announce its newest suppressor—the Ventum 762.

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Phoenix Rising: Wilson Combat Releases NULA Bolt Action Rifles

With death, there is rebirth, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, bigger, better, and more robust. In 1985, the world was introduced to the New Ultralight Arms (NULA) bolt action rifles. These new bolt action rifles weighed less than 5 lbs with short action, chambering calibers such as .308. Last year, Wilson Combat acquired New Ultralight Arms and, a year later, has updated the legendary rifle series for modern shooters.

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Unity Tactical Unveils The New Fast MRDS Optic Mount

The Unity Tactical FAST optic Mount has been one of the company’s most successful products since its release. The FAST mount raises the height of the optic to 2.26” to optical centerline, which aids in heads up shooting and granting the shooter more situational awareness. Unity Tactical has recently unveiled the FAST MDRS optic mount.

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Rossi Introduces The New R95 Lever Action Rifles Chambered In .30-30 Win

Over the last few years, the lever action has gained popularity within the shooting community. That has come because of the modernization of the platform, with manufacturers accommodating optics and red dot mounting into the design. At the same time, companies such as Ranger Point and Midwest Industries have provided stocks and handguards for the lever actions. Now, Rossi is proud to introduce their new R95 lever actions rifles chambered in .30-30 Winchester.

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Palmetto State Armory Releases New Sabre-10 Series Of Rifles

Palmetto State Armory(PSA) has a vast lineup of firearms made in-house by the manufacturing giant. The company has absorbed many brands within the industry and brought them under one roof. This influx of skill and talent has led PSA to expand its firearm horizons. One of those ventures is Plametto’s Sabre lineup. The Sabre lineup is premium-built ARs with high-quality accessories at a great price point.

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Stag Arms Releases Project SPCTRM Series Of Rifles

Over the last few years Stag Arms brand has had a great resurgence in the firearms industry. During that time Stag has built a reputation for building robust and reliable rifles the consumers enjoy and love. Stag Arms is proud to introduce its new series of limited edition AR-15s in various colors. The new series is called Special Tactical Rifle Makeup better known as Project SPCTRM.

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MDT Field Stock: Uncompromising Quality Meets Affordability for Budget-Conscious Shooters

Earlier this year at Shot Show, MDT officially announced the Field Stock to the masses. The MDT Field Stock is a budget-friendly option for shooters seeking a solid chassis to place their Remington 700 short-action rifle. The Field Stock features an over-molded polymer body, adjustable cheek riser, adjustable length of pull, ambidextrous magazine latch, and M-Lok compatible forend.

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SIG SAUER Releases New MCX-Spear LT AR Conversion Kits

Late last year, SIG SAUER released the MCX-Spear LT to the civilian market. Originally designed for the British SAS. The MCX-Spear LT takes design cues from its big brother the MCX Spear and puts it into a smaller package. Finding and acquiring a new MCX-Spear LT has been a herculean challenge at best. Also, a lot of people just wanted the upper to put on their lower receiver of choice.

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Faxon Firearms Announces Their FX22 Rimfire Series

Faxon Firearms is known for making premium high-quality aftermarket barrels for rifles and pistols. Over the years, the company has released its lineup of pistols and rifles. Faxon is proud to introduce their new FX22 line of rimfire rifles. The new FX22 lineup will feature several options with 10/22 style Faxon receivers and bolts.

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Henry Unveils New Big Boy Revolvers and .360 Buckhammer Rifles

Henry Repeating Arms is well-known for its iconic lever action rifles. The Henry rifle can trace its design back a century and a half ago as Americans expanded West. The Henry repeating rifle was one of the iconic firearms that helped conquer the West. Now, Henry is stepping outside of their comfort zone and producing their first revolver. Henry is proud to announce the new Henry Big Boy Revolvers.