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Market Analysis: How Sig Sauer P365 XL Is A Direct Competitor To The Glock 48

Back in late May I wrote an article about Sig Sauer adding to its P365 lineup with the P365 XL. In writing the article I began to recognize that the P365 XL was Sig Sauer’s answer to the Glock 48 that was released in early 2019. Within that article I make a couple of remarks to that notation of market disruption that the P365 XL will cause by challenging Glock’s foothold with the subcompact market.

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The Rundown: What’s on the Horizon

Good morning, everyone. I hope everyone has had a good and productive week. There has been a lot going on in the world and firearms industry in general. Big News of the Week Last weekend was NRA Annual Meeting where we received some news on new products hitting the market from LWRC, EO Tech, Trijicon, and many more companies. All […]

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Finnish military releases modernized RK-62M

The Finnish army released photos of the modernized RK-62M into the wild. The modernization of the RK-62 was initiated back in 2015 by the Finnish army. The RK-62M design focus was increased ergonomics, functionality, and a modular weapons platform compared to its predecessor the RK-62.

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My Next Rifle Build

I have been thinking for sometime what my next rifle build was going to be. I built my first rifle about a year and half ago and it came out quite well. So, I have been trying to think what I wanted to buy next.

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Snapshot Preview: Defending our Freedoms

Freedom. Is an inherent right of all people. The freedom to speak freely, sovereignty to walk your own path, and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom is embedded into the core of this Nation. Freedom is one of the cornerstones of our Constitution and our Democracy here in America.