Keeping it Real!

Here at The Loadout we are here to give you open, objective, and honest reviews on firearms or gear. So, that you the consumer can make an assessment on what is the best way to spend your money. We are not here trying to make a quick dollar as a social media influencer. We don’t have any of the Presidents’ representing me. Also, know as those greenbacks, benjamins, that paper, or that loot. None of that here. This website will always do its best to get hands-on new gear and firearms if companies are willing to give me that access. In return I want to give that company a fair assessment of their products. The good, the bad, and the ugly. So, hopefully in turn adjustments can be made on future generations or current generations if that modification can be done. I am here to be a tool for you the consumer to provide a fair assessment and for companies to receive honest feedback on their products. I’m not here to Hulk smash a company’s product and just blast it. I am here to create another avenue where consumer and companies can communicate. At the end of the day we are here to keep it real and give you the lowdown on a product.

The Breakdown

The Loadout will have a review structure that will be constant from review to review. The structure will be simple. Here’s the breakdown.

  1. History of the firearm/Creation of the gear– I will give a history of the firearm to give context and backdrop to the development of the weapon. When it comes to gear we will answer what need the company is achieving to fill with the design of the product.
  2. The Design– Within the realm of firearms when it comes to design I will talk about the overall characteristics of the firearm. Let’s use a pistol for example. I will talk about the sights, grip module, if it’s a polymer or metal, striker vs hammer, and etc. The actually physical design features of the weapon. With gear I will talk about quality of the materials and construction of the gear. Design choices the company made to improve their products over others or what void they are seeking to fill with this product within the industry.
  3. Practicality– For firearms practicality will refer to its use as weapon. Is it for CCW, hunting, sportsman shooting, or competition shooting. To give the weapon a framework of usefulness within the context of shooting for the consumer. Gear practicality will be the same. To give a framework of the usefulness within the context of usage by the consumer and what it brings to the table other products don’t.
  4. Ergonomics– Within firearms reviews it will be the fit of the weapon in hand, the feel after extended use, and potential options to change grip and feel. This basis will also extend to gear. Fit, feel, and ease of use is paramount in gear.
  5. Reliability– I will evaluate how a firearm or gear will perform under a workload. I’m not here to run these firearms or gear into the ground but to put it through its paces. So, the consumer can know they are getting a good product.
  6. Customization– How big is the 3rd party products for the weapon or item of gear?The more support for a product the better you can modify it to your needs as a shooter.
  7. Price– I will compare the weapon or gear within its suggested MSRP range of a comparable items. To see how its cost to benefit analysis for the consumer. As, consumers we are always trying to figure out if the cost of something is worth the price of admission. I want to give the consumer on the real cost to benefit analysis of the product.
  8. Ratings/final thoughts– The rating system will be a grading scale on all categories of the review. I will give my final thoughts on the weapon or gear. What I believe are the pros and cons of that weapon or gear. Who the product is geared towards and what purpose the product will have for you. After that I will give my final recommendations on the product.

A Source of Information

These reviews are here for you the readers to have a place to help them form a solid base of information about a product to help them make a purchase decision. I want to empower the consumer with knowledge and a well-rounded outlook. I am not here bash a weapon or a company because I really like someone products over another. I want to create an open line between consumer and companies to help push innovation to make better products for us…the shooters. No, fan service here people. Just the lowdown and fair review on a product.