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Meridian Defense Corp. Releases The Next AK In the 7 Sins Series—Meet Envy, The 6th Sin

Firearms|Rifles Early this year, the Special Projects Division of Meridian Defense Corporation unveiled their first custom AK of the 7 Sins series, aptly named Lust. Now, the Special Projects Division […]

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A Day Of Remembrance: A Date That Lives In Infamy

Time is enduring. It is lasting. Time has the ability to soften and lose the luster and veracity of our memories. Time has the ability to jade us from the horrors of the past by our disconnection from the moment. Time is enduring and will continue well after humanity is gone.

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Stag Arms Releases New Covenant Rifles In 6mm Arc

Firearms|Rifles The 6mm ARC cartridge was released early this year with robust fan fair from Hornady along with large initial support from gun manufacturers and barrel makers. Since, the initial […]

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Weatherby Releases The Mark V Hunter Bolt Action Rifle

Firearms|Rifles Recently, Weatherby has announced the release of their Mark V Hunter bolt action rifles. The Hunter is the latest addition to the Mark V series of hunting rifles. The […]

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Shadow Systems Releases XR920 Pistol-A Blend Of Size & Capacity

Firearms|Handguns During Thanksgiving week a very interesting released fell under the radar of TLB. On November 22nd, Shadow Systems released their XR920 pistol. The XR920 was developed from feedback from […]

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FBI Conducted Over 680,000 Background Checks During The Week Of Thanksgiving

News|Industry News Last week, officially began the Holiday shopping season for most Americans. After our bellies are filled with delicious Thanksgiving feasts with our families, we know it’s time to […]

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Bushmaster Unveils New Bravo Zulu Rifle Series

Firearms|Rifles In the last few months we have seen the return of well-known industry names that we thought to be long dead. We have seen the revival of Advanced Armament […]