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Fiocchi Announces Price Increase For Ammunition In 2021

News|Industry News When dealing with basic economic concepts of supply, demand, and scarcity in any economic model will cause the price of a good or service to increase. We are […]

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Smith & Wesson To Suspend Production Of The M&P Shield 1.0 Models

Firearms|Handguns Recently, Smith & Wesson has decided to discontinue the original M&P Shield 1.0 models. This decision to suspend production on the Shield 1.0 is effectively immediately, excluding current orders. […]

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Fiocchi Launches New Website

News|Industry News Recently, Fiocchi announced the launch of their new and improved website. The new website is part of the ongoing series of efforts to meet the skyrocketing demands for […]

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FRAC Release Statements On Biden Administration Nomination Of David Chipman As ATF Director

News|U.S. Last week, during President Biden’s executive orders on gun control he nominated David Chipman as the potential new director of the ATF. Mr. Chipman is a former ATF agent […]

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Our 2nd Amendment Rights Are Ciritical To The Balance Of Power In This Nation

News|Commentary The Founding Fathers of this nation had the foresight and understanding of the importance of the people to keep and bear arms. They understood the necessity of the people […]

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Viridian Releases New E-Series Laser For The Ruger-57 Pistol

Firearms|Firearm Accessories The Ruger-57 was released to much success and acclaim over a year or so ago. Now, it seems that the supply for the popular pistol is catching up […]

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The Loadout Blog Statements On President Biden’s Executive Orders

Snapshot|Commentary The final piece has been laid upon the chess board. Our pawns, bishops, knights, kings, and queens in place. The strategies of freedom and authoritarianism begins in earnest now. […]