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New & Improved: Welcome To Cobalt Kinetics 2.0

News|Industry News Cobalt Kinetics is known for making premium rifle builds for the AR platform. The company first open it’s doors back in 2014, since then Cobalt has seen changes […]

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Primary Arms Expands Into A New Facility

News|Industry News Recently, Primary Arms released information on their growth and expansion into that a new facility. The Texas-based company sells firearms, gear, hunting and shooting equipment. The new facility […]

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Meridian Defense Brings You The 7 Deadly Sins In New AK Series: Meet The 1st Sin-Lust

Firearms|Rifles Meridian Defense Corporation(MDC) is known for making some of the best-built AKs in all the land. Their rifle builds are high sought after within the community especially the AK […]

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True Velocity Commemorative Box Set Only Available For A Limited Time

News|Industry News On Monday, composite ammunition manufacturer True Velocity announced the sale of their first commercially available ammunition to the masses. The Texas based company celebrated this by offering a […]

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True Velocity Adds Chief Operating Officer And Appoints Advisory Board Chairman

News|Industry News On Monday, True Velocity offered its initial release of polymer ammunition to the civilian market. The ammunition was released as a .308 Winchester Collector’s Edition by True Velocity. […]

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The Pistol That Killed Billy The Kid Is Up For Sale At Auction

News|Industry News The Wild West era is one of the most romanticized time periods in U.S. History. Also, where some of the best legends and criminals from American History reign […]

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Meet Bushnell’s New Optics: XRS3 and DMR3 Riflescopes

Gear & Optics|Optics Recently, Bushnell has refreshed their Elite Tactical riflescopes with updated models of their XRS and DMR scopes. The new scopes are the XRS3 and DMR3 riflescopes. Bushnell’s […]