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Sons Of Liberty & Brownells Team Up For Sons Of Liberty Gunworks M4-EX03 Rifle Build Kit

Firearms|Rifles By Drew BryantAugust 9th, 2022, Sons Of Liberty Gunworks (SOLGW) and Brownells have teamed up to bring consumers an AR-15 parts kit called the M4-EXO3 rifle build kit. […]

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Wolfpack Armory Releases The Hybrid WP47 Pistol

Firearms|Rifles By Drew BryantAugust 8th, 2022, Wolfpack Armory has just announced their new WP47 pistol is now available for preorder on their website. The new pistol from Wolfpack Armory […]

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Armored Republic Releases New Hybrid A3 Body Armor

Gear & Optics|Gear By Drew BryantAugust 7th, 2022, Armored Republic better known as AR500, has recently released their new hybrid series of A3 body armor. The new hybrid plates […]

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Type-A Rifle Company Releases New Ambidextrous Billet AR-10 Series of Rifles

Firearms|Rifles By Drew BryantAugust 6th, 2022, Type-A Rifle Company is firearms manufacturer based out of Grand Rapids, MI who is known for making high quality AR-15s and PCC builds. […]

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Leaked FBI Documents Equates Second Amendment Beliefs & American Values With “Violent Extremism”

News|Intel Brief By Drew BryantAugust 5th, 2022, On Tuesday, Project Veritas released an alarming internal FBI document, which shows that the Bureau classifies a certain demographic of American citizens […]

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Canik Unveils New Canik METE Pro Series For SFT And SFx Pistols

Firearms|Handguns By Drew BryantAugust 4th, 2022, Last year, Canik USA released the Canik METE series to the market with much success. The METE series blurred the line between a […]

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Atlas Gunworks Ares: Initial Impressions & First Shots

Firearms|Handguns By Drew BryantAugust 3rd 2022, History & Evolution Atlas Gunworks is a small firearm manufacturer based out of Vermont who focuses on building wonderfully handcrafted 2011 pistols. The […]