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Strike Industries Releases New Strike Slide For The P365

Firearms|Handguns Recently, Strike Industries has added to their growing SIG Sauer lineup with the Strike slide for the SIG P365. The new slide works on the original P365 and P365 […]

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Christensen Arms Announces New Ridgeline Scout Rifle

Firearms|Rifles Christensen Arms has announced the release of their new Ridgeline Scout Rifle. The new rifle was designed to bring a more compact and versatile case usage for shooters. The […]

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Smith & Wesson Issues Recall Notice For M&P12 Shotgun

News|Industry News On Monday, Smith & Wesson announced a recall notice of their M&P12 Shotgun. The recall is due to two M&P12 shotguns in use developed barrel cracks. The M&P […]

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Germany Military Chooses ELCAN Specter DR 1-4x

News|Military Back in 2018, the German military began their search for a new rifle and optic to replace the G36 platform. There might be some dispute between Heckler & Koch […]

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IWI Introduces New ACE N-52 Rifle Chambered In .308

Firearms|Rifles Israeli Weapons Industries, well known as IWI is introducing a new rifle to their Galil ACE line of rifles. The new ACE N-52 from IWI is chambered in .308 […]

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Concealed Carry Permits Surge To Over 21.5 Million Permits Nationwide

News|Industry News During the last two years we have seen an influx of new shooters. During that time we have seen an influx of 8 million plus first time firearm […]

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SIG SAUER Announces It Will Not Be Attending Shot Show 2022

News|Industry News News broke yesterday that industry giant SIG SAUER will not be attending Shot Show 2022 in Las Vegas. The absence of SIG at this event will caste a […]