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The Pursuit Of Innovation: Antimatter Industries Releases The ScopeSwitch LT Optic Mount

Over the last couple of weeks, AntiMatter Industries and prominent individuals within the industry have been teasing an innovative and exciting new product from the company. The new scope mount would allow users to change the magnification on their optic of choice rapidly and with ease. The new optic mount gathered intrigue, curiosity, and excitement from the community. AntiMatter Industries is proud to announce the innovative ScopeSwitch LT optic mount.

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Alien Gear Releases Their New Dual Purpose Holster—The Photon

Alien Gear is known for making premium Kydex holsters for concealed carry and duty purposes. Recently, the company sought to marry the two ideas together to give shooters more options and versatility. Alien Gear is proud to introduce the Photon holster. The Photon can be a concealed carry holster for one minute, with some minor adjustments changed to an outside-the-waistband holster.

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Nightforce Announces New MOA-XT Reticle

Nightforce Optics is well-known within the industry for making high-quality, reliable, and rugged scopes for competition and tactical use. Nightforce recently announced a new reticle to its lineup, the MOA-XT reticle. The new reticle is designed for quick holdovers for shooters familiar with MOA versus MILS. The new MOA-XT reticle is available in NX8 and ATACR series of optics.

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SIG SAUER Introduces The ROMEO-M17 Red Dot Sight

SIG SAUER’s M17 and M18 have replaced the Beretta M9 as the service pistol for the U.S. military. SIG SAUER has successfully won military contracts on various weapon platforms. When the M17 and M18 original drop SIG SAUER didn’t have an optic ready for the new service pistol until now. SIG SAUER is proud to introduce its latest optic the ROMEO-M17 red dot sight.

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AGM Global Releases New Neith Digital Night Vision Scopes

AGM Global releases the new Neith Digitial Night Vision Scopes. The new scopes are designed for budget-minded hunters looking to begin nighttime hunting. The Neith DNV scope has full-color imagery during the day and black and white hot at night. Additional features include integrated IR illumination, built-in video recording, rechargeable batteries, and an ADM Quick Mount.

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Surefire Releases The XSC-B Subcompact WeaponLight

Having a weapon is usually the missing puzzle piece in someone’s concealed carry load out. A weapon light or flashlight is a great way to gather positive identification or to investigate your environment in low-light situations. The weapon light market has many options to find a quality weapon light for your concealed carry gun.