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Rifle Dynamics Unveils New RD 600 Rifle Series Chambered in 5.56

Rifle Dynamics (RD) is known for making some of the best-built American AKs on the market. The RD 700 series is one of the most popular builds from the brand. It’s so prominent that Garand Thumb has his own 700 series build, the RD 704 SBR Garand Thumb Edition. Now, the company is ready to introduce its newest series to the family. Rifle Dynamics is proud to present the RD 600 Rifle Series.

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The Pursuit Of Innovation: Antimatter Industries Releases The ScopeSwitch LT Optic Mount

Over the last couple of weeks, AntiMatter Industries and prominent individuals within the industry have been teasing an innovative and exciting new product from the company. The new scope mount would allow users to change the magnification on their optic of choice rapidly and with ease. The new optic mount gathered intrigue, curiosity, and excitement from the community. AntiMatter Industries is proud to announce the innovative ScopeSwitch LT optic mount.