On opening day of Tokyo Game Show one of the first major events was the PlayStation Present Live Show. During the show fans received a 49 minute gameplay demonstration by Hideo Kojima himself. Many people have been curious about how this game will play and what to expect. Instead of Kojima telling us he finally decided to show us the deep and complex world of Death Stranding. 

So far we have a good understanding of what is happening in Death Stranding story  before this demo. Our protagonist Norman Reedus is a delivery man who used to work for the Bridges Company. Now, he has been recruited to reconnect the United Cities of America by convincing cities to join the Chiral Network. Doing this will allow for American to become one and rebuild. The demo gives a better representation of what to expect from the mission structure and design of the world. This game is ambitious and groundbreaking to say the least. This game could forge a new direction in gaming we never expected. Thank you, Mr. Kojima. 

I haven’t been able to watch the gameplay demo in its entirety but it has been amazing. Below are the notes from Gamespot article about the gameplay demo. 

Here are some other things we learned in the extended gameplay presentation:

• The motorcycle that Norman Reedus’ character rides in the game is a collaboration with Triumph, the motorcycle company that Reedus is a fan of in real life.

• You can get a harmonica, and the baby in the baby pod likes it when you play it.

• Carrying around luggage is a bit part of the game.

• You can drop your luggage if you’re not careful, or if you slip on rocks or fall into water.

• You can drop or deposit items to move faster and turn easier.

• Items left by other human players can be seen in your game world.

• There is a Bola gun that kills enemies through a lasso mechanic.

• The map includes a topographical option that shows hills and valleys and water.

• Markers can be placed on the map to help you find your way.

• Main character Sam can take time to chill out and relax; in the game we saw Sam enjoying nature, and there were prompts that showed he could give himself a massage or even nap.

• Sam can also take baths to recharge his energy.

• Sam can also ride this carrier, and that’s pretty cool.

• Sam can drink Monster Energy drinks to restore Stamina; really he can.

What do you think of Death Stranding Gameplay demonstration? What is the part that intrigues you the most about Kojima’s new masterpiece? Let me know in the comments below. 

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