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ATF Sends Warning Letter To Customers Of Diversified Machine

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The saga of Diversified Machine Vs The ATF is a long and arduous history. One that has continued into late 2021 and now into 2022. This whole saga began back in December of 2020, when Diversified Machine was raided by the ATF. During that raid the ATF seized all of Diversified Machine inventory, which included silencers, silencer kits, and silencer components. Agents also seized all of the company’s documentation and sales records during the raid.

Moving forward to March 2021, the ATF takes further action against Diversified Machine by removing their website. On the front page of the site the ATF notifies potential viewers of the seizure of the website. The approval of warrant for seizure of the website by the ATF was from the States Attorney’s Office of Eastern Michigan. Diversified Machine was based in the city of Detroit.

Then, in early December of 2021 the ATF sent out a Warning Letter to every alleged or potential customers if they ordered, attempted to order, anything from Diversified Machine.

The ATF letter to those customers of Diversified Machine’s silencer components or silencer kits where told they are in potential violation of Federal Law. This violation of federal law could lead to potential criminal prosecution. The ATF says this is due to acquiring or attempting to acquire silencer kits or parts from Diversified Machine. The ATF has determined, that these are silencers and are not registered under the National Firearms Registration Transfer Record (NFRTR) as set forth by the National Firearms Act (NFA).

Towards the end of the letter the ATF advises customers to contact their local ATF branch in the next 30 days from once they receive the letter to forfeit their silencers or components to the ATF. While notifying them that any further purchases of these kits or components could lead to future prosecution as well. This letter was penned by Special Agent Keith Krolczyk.

Below, here is a photo of the ATF Warning Letter to customers of Diversified Machine. This letter has the date December 8th as a header on the center of the page. Giving us context when it was sent.

ATF Warning Letter To Diversified Customers

The saga and ramifications of the Diversified Machine raid continues to be a hydra of problems for customers and potential owners of this company’s products. We will have to wait and see how this case continues to evolve.

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