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Back in late December ATF raided Detroit-based Diversified Machine and had all their entire inventory seized by federal agents. Diversified Machine is one of several companies that sells Form 1 kits (which is legal). Companies like Diversified Machine are able to do this by selling you the materials necessary to manufacture your own suppressor. It is sold in this manner not to violate NFA regulations in regards to suppressors. The ATF has previously stated that buying these Form 1 kits are not a violation of Federal law.

In January of this year the ATF has taken its actions one step further against Diversified Machine and has seized the company’s website. If you now visit you will be met with an ATF banner making you aware the site has been seized. Giving you the federal law(s) the kits potentially violates under NFA. While also advising customers in possession of a Diversified Machine Form 1 kit or completed suppressor you are in violation of federal law. This message was updated on January 14th, 2021 according to the banner.

It is unclear why the ATF additional seized the company’s website back in early 2021 but, they did. This is another example of the ATF hypocritical and uneven enforcement of existing policy provided to firearm manufacturers and consumers.

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