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Retrospective: Taking A Look Back At Ohio Range Day 2022

In the realm of shooting, there are few events as memorable as Ohio Range Day (ORD) 2022, hosted by Achilles Heel Tactical. With ORD 2023 only a month away, I want to take a moment to reminisce on last year’s event. Reflecting on my participation in the event, I am reminded of the invaluable lessons I learned, the camaraderie I forged, and the access I gained to the world of cutting-edge firearms and equipment.

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Training & Assessment: Taking Achilles Heel Tactical’s Vehicle Tactics Course

This year I was blessed to have the opportunity to attend to recieve formalized training this year. Training is expensive, ammo is expensive, and travel is expensive. People have to pick and choose where they want to invest their time and money. Training and constant evaluation as a shooter is imperative. Shooting is a perishable skill set by nature. So, we hve to take advantage of training when we can. AHT provides a course that is worth your hard earned cash.