By Drew Bryant
August 10th, 2023,

In the realm of shooting, there are few events as memorable as Ohio Range Day (ORD) 2022, hosted by Achilles Heel Tactical. With ORD 2023 only a month away, I want to take a moment to reminisce on last year’s event. Reflecting on my participation in the event, I am reminded of the invaluable lessons I learned, the camaraderie I forged, and the access I gained to the world of cutting-edge firearms and equipment. Throughout this article, we will delve into my experience at ORD, exploring the diverse classes I undertook, the vibrant interactions with vendors and captivating events I participated in, and culminating in my final thoughts. ORD is more than just a shooting event; it emerges as a pivotal moment where shooters converge to learn from the top instructors in the industry, refine their skills under expert guidance, and immerse themselves in a diverse array of firearms, including the thrill of firing machine guns. Join me as I delve into the recollections of an experience that not only elevates shooting proficiency but also fosters an enduring sense of community and connection among like-minded individuals.

The Unique Opportunity To Attend ORD 2022

In the early days of August, I was selected as one of the privileged attendees of Ohio Range Day 2022 (ORD-2022), an event hosted by Achilles Heel Tactical. At its core, ORD serves as an annual training symposium, offering its participants an exclusive opportunity to receive training from some of the most distinguished instructors within our industry. Spanning two days, this event immerses students in a personalized training experience. As part of the unique structure, handpicked participants are granted the privilege of selecting their preferred instructor from a roster of five. Delving into the application process, prospective attendees rank their instructor choices from one to five, thus enabling them to tailor their learning journey. This distinctive approach not only empowers attendees with the agency over their training but also grants them access to the expertise of two prominent industry instructors. The dedication poured into ORD by Achilles Heel Tactical is evident, resulting in an event that shines brightly from inception to conclusion.

ORD’s Welcoming Dinner

First up is ORD’s Welcoming Dinner. A thoughtfully orchestrated and catered dinner by AHT presents a unique opportunity for students and instructors to converge in an informal setting on the eve of the event. Undoubtedly, the concept is a great one, fostering an environment of camaraderie and relationship-building.

As an introvert, I initially found the experience somewhat challenging, grappling with initial awkwardness as I engaged with fellow participants and instructors. However, I believe that by relocating a Warrior’s Dinner to the final day, its potential impact could be amplified. With two days of training under the student’s belts, attendees and instructors would have had ample time to cultivate connections and establish a more profound sense of community, potentially leading to enduring relationships beyond the confines of ORD. While the dinner undoubtedly enriches the event, there is room for optimization, ensuring the dinner resonates with everyone involved.

Ohio Range Day 2022

Vendors & Events

On the morning of the first day of ORD, you can interact with vendors and immerse yourself in hands-on experiences with their products. The roster of sponsors from the previous year comprised esteemed names such as Radian Arms, Staccato, Parker Mountain Machine, Safariland, Leupold, Monsoon Tactical, Tier 1 Concealed, Howitzer Clothing, and others. The distinct setup involved dedicated booth areas for each company, providing a platform for engaging conversations with their representatives and partaking in intriguing challenges or brief courses of fire. This unparalleled opportunity not only enabled us to forge connections with sponsors but also offered a conduit for immediate user feedback—an invaluable asset in refining products and enhancing the end-user experience. After the conclusion of meet and greet with vendors, training kicks off.


At ORD 2022, I participated in two excellent classes that impacted my shooting journey. The AHT Vehicle Tactical Course equipped me with invaluable skills for maneuvering in dynamic scenarios, emphasizing precision and adaptability in real-world settings around a vehicle. Additionally, the First Defense USA Performance Rifle & Pistol class elevated my proficiency in wielding both rifle and pistol, enhancing my overall marksmanship capabilities. These courses not only broadened my skill sets but also fostered an environment of continuous learning. To learn more about these exceptional classes, you can find details about the AHT Vehicle Tactical Course here and the First Defense USA Performance Rifle & Pistol class here.

Final Thoughts

As I reflect on the unforgettable experience of Ohio Range Day 2022, it’s clear that this annual gathering transcends the realm of a mere shooting event. It’s a symposium of learning, a forging of friendships, and a nexus of innovation. The range of classes offered, the interactions with top instructors, and the chance to engage directly with cutting-edge gear all combine to create an experience that leaves an indelible mark on any shooting enthusiast. From the engaging classes to the camaraderie-fueled dinner, ORD embodies a holistic approach to skill enhancement and community building. While the journey at ORD is marked by growth and proficiency, its essence lies in the bonds formed and the community fostered, echoing beyond the event’s duration. ORD 2022 has underscored that shooting is not just a solitary endeavor but a journey that thrives when shared with others equally passionate about honing their craft.

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