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Tag: Beginner’s Guide To Firearms

Beginner’s Guide To Firearms 0

Shotgun Basics: Part One

Welcome to part five of the Beginner’s Guide To Firearm Basics. This week we are going to cover Shotgun Basics. Shotguns are much more in-depth than I planned on them being so it will be broken down into two separate parts. As, usual this guide is here to be an introduction into shotguns and their operation.

Beginner’s Guide To Firearms 0

Pistol Basics and Nomenclature

Welcome to part four of The Beginner’s Guide To Firearms. Perviously, we covered Revolver Basics and Nomenclature. In this entry we will continue to cover handguns and will be focusing on semiautomatic pistols. This guide is designed to give you the basic understanding of a semiautomatic pistol and their operation.


Revolver Basics and Nomenclature

Welcome back to another entry to The Beginner’s Guide To Firearms. Previously, we covered Firearm Basics and the 4 Weapon Safety Rules. The next entry will cover Revolver Basics and Nomenclature. This entry is here to give you a solid foundation of understanding of a revolver and its function.


The Four Weapon Safety Rules

The most important thing every gun owner should have a complete and in-depth knowledge of is gun safety. Every new gun owner should know how to safely handle a weapon and store it within their homes. The man cause of gun accidents are laziness and complacency. At, no moment in time should you every be complacent with a firearm loaded or unloaded.


Firearm Basics

Hello, and welcome to the Beginner’s Guide To Firearms. In the last couple of months due to the global pandemic we have had an influx of new firearm owners here in America. Being a first time buyer of a firearm means you will have a lot of questions. That is normal. You are dealing with something foreign to you that you have little to no knowledge on. That’s why this guide is here.