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Killer Innovations Unveils Velocity V1 Slide: Elevating Customization For The SIG P365

Well known firearm manufacturer Killer Innovations continues to push the boundaries of innovation and quality with their latest offering, the Velocity V1 Slide for Sig P365. Widely recognized for their futuristic designs and craftsmanship, Killer Innovations has once again captured the attention of the firearms industry. The Velocity V1 Slide, available in both sleek Black and sophisticated Grey coatings, aims to redefine customization possibilities for Sig P365/365XL owners.

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CZ Unveils The New Shadow 2 Compact

Over the last couple of years, CZ has been keeping a closely guarded secret from prying eyes. During this time, engineers, designers, and shooters have meticulously designed and refined the newest entry into the beloved CZ Shadow lineup. In the past, there have been whispers and conjectures that CZ might be introducing something new to the lineup. The community speculated and hoped CZ would make Shadow 2 in a compact form factor. Now, that dream has come to fruition. CZ USA is proud to announce the CZ Shadow 2 Compact.

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Strike Industries Releases New LITESLIDE For The G43, G43X, & G48

Over the last few years, this ongoing renaissance has occurred within the concealed carry market. That renaissance brought about the micro-compact trend we have seen take flight over the last few years. Firearm manufacturers have built smaller frame pistols with a higher round capacity, such as the G43 and G48. Strike Industries has been at the forefront of providing accessories for popular micro-compact platforms. Strike Industries is proud to introduce LITESLIDE for the G43, G43X, and G48.

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SIG SAUER Unveils New P210 Carry From Custom Works Shop

A few years ago, SIG SAUER reintroduced the iconic P210 pistol to the American market. The iconic Swiss-made pistol is beloved throughout Europe and around the world. SIG’s P210 still sees service in some European countries. The resurgence of the P210 in the US market has been well-received by consumers. SIG SAUER is proud to announce its newest addition, the P210 Carry from SIG’s Custom Work Shop.

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Alien Gear Releases Their New Dual Purpose Holster—The Photon

Alien Gear is known for making premium Kydex holsters for concealed carry and duty purposes. Recently, the company sought to marry the two ideas together to give shooters more options and versatility. Alien Gear is proud to introduce the Photon holster. The Photon can be a concealed carry holster for one minute, with some minor adjustments changed to an outside-the-waistband holster.

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G-Code Releases The Syncron IWB Holster

G-Code makes excellent holsters, belts, chest rigs, and mag carriers. Military, law enforcement, and civilians worldwide use G-Code products. The company has had great success with its Eclipse and Phenom holsters designed for concealed carry. G-code is proud to introduce its newest IWB holster, the Syncron.