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Unity Tactical Releases The AXON Pressure Switch

Unity Tactical is known for making accessories and gear to improve the effectiveness and quality of life for a shooter on their rifles. One of the first success stories for the company was the Unity Taps Switch which offered a one-point control system for an end user’s weapon-mounted electronics. Now, Unity brings the next evolution in its new switch lineup with the AXON.

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Magpul Releases New Daka Grid Organizer For Pelican Vault Series Of Gun Cases

One of the biggest struggles when having a hard case is the proper storage and fitment of your rifle and gear within that case. Many cases come with pull-away foam tabs or foam you can cut out to fit the shape of your rifle and gear. Which shoehorns the end user with one setup for their case and gear. Magpul has designed a solution for this specific problem–meet the Daka Grid Organizer.

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Maxim Defense Release PRS Suppressors

In a modern-day suppressor, you would expect less recoil, a reduced sound signature, less muzzle flash, and a smoother shooting experience. Most suppressors aren’t specifically geared towards Precision Rifle Shooting(PRS), until now. Maxim Defense is proud to introduce its new lineup of PRS suppressors.

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2022 Black Friday Deals On Firearms, Gear, & Accessories As Of 11/28

It’s that time again. The day after Thanksgiving aka Black Friday. Now, is the time to wake up from that post-food coma and do some online shopping. Now, it’s time to tap into those Black Friday deals for firearms, optics, gear, and accessories. Time to get ahead of the power and cash in on those deals. Making sure you have the family covered while treating yourself to a few goodies as well.