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Surefire Releases The XSC-B Subcompact WeaponLight

Having a weapon is usually the missing puzzle piece in someone’s concealed carry load out. A weapon light or flashlight is a great way to gather positive identification or to investigate your environment in low-light situations. The weapon light market has many options to find a quality weapon light for your concealed carry gun.

Gear and Optics 0

Cloud Defensive Drops New Rein 3.0 Weapon Light Next Wednesday

Cloud Defensive is one of the most innovative companies within the flashlight market by creating rugged, powerful, and bright weapon lights for the end user. Over the years Cloud has been taking major strides in the industry to dethrone Surefire as the premier choice for a weapon light. Now, Cloud Defensive is taking one step closer to the throne with the powerful and incredibly bright Cloud Rein 3.0.