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Alien Gear Releases Their New Dual Purpose Holster—The Photon

Alien Gear is known for making premium Kydex holsters for concealed carry and duty purposes. Recently, the company sought to marry the two ideas together to give shooters more options and versatility. Alien Gear is proud to introduce the Photon holster. The Photon can be a concealed carry holster for one minute, with some minor adjustments changed to an outside-the-waistband holster.


6 Things to Consider Before You Conceal Carry

The vast majority of questions on conceal carry come form customers thinking about getting a conceal carry license. These customers are looking for a road map on where to start their concealed carry journey. For these shooters the idea and act of conceal carry can be a daunting one. Finding out where to start is difficult for new potential conceal carry users. You understand that these individuals have limited firearms knowledge and weapons handling.