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By Drew Bryant
May 8th, 2023,

Alien Gear is known for making premium Kydex holsters for concealed carry and duty purposes. Recently, the company sought to marry the two ideas together to give shooters more options and versatility. Alien Gear is proud to introduce the Photon holster. The Photon can be a concealed carry holster for one minute, with some minor adjustments changed to an outside-the-waistband holster. The holster’s design was to give the end user more versatility out of their holster. The Photon features an ambidextrous design, IWB and OWB compatibility, optics-ready, and an optional side car attachment.

Below are the product details and features of the new Photon holster from Alien Gear.

Product Details

Carry Without Limits with the new, all-in-one Photon Non-Light Holster – the ultimate solution for everyday firearm carriers who demand versatility, comfort, and reliability. The Photon Holster is designed to meet all of your needs in a single holster. 


• Ambidextrous design: The Photon Light-Bearing Holster is designed to fit both right and left-handed firearm carriers.

• IWB and OWB compatibility: The holster can be used both inside the waistband and outside the waistband, depending on your preference and situational needs.

• Optic ready: The holster fits all standard optic mounting plates that don’t extend past the front of the optic mount, giving you the flexibility to customize your setup to fit your specific needs. 

• High-sight compatible: The holster is compatible with suppressor high-sight firearms.

• Adjustable cant and ride height: The cant and ride height can be adjusted to suit your preferred draw angle and positioning.

Optional sidecar attachment: The sidecar attachment provides additional storage space for extra ammunition.


• Versatile design: With IWB and OWB compatibility, the Photon Non-Light Holster can be worn in a variety of positions, giving you the flexibility to adapt to your environment and situation.

• Comfortable fit: The holster’s adjustable cant and ride height provide a comfortable fit for extended wear.

• Reliable retention: The Photon Non-Light Holster’s adjustable retention system ensures a secure fit for your firearm, while also allowing for a smooth and quick draw.

• Durable construction: The holster’s injection-molded shell made of the same proprietary blend as our professional line of holsters provides a sturdy and reliable platform for your firearm.

• Peace of mind: The Photon Holster’s long list of included features and optional sidecar attachments provide endless customization options, giving you the peace of mind that you have everything you need to carry without limits.

Experience the freedom to Carry Without Limits with the new Photon Non-Light Holster!

The new Photon holster from Alien Gear is available now. The Photon holster will have a light bearing and non-light bearing option. The light-bearing version will retail at $49.99. While the non-light bearing version will retail at $44.99, and the sidecar attachment will retail at $24.88. For more information on the Photon and all it potentially offers, click here.

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