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SIG SAUER Sends Final Delivery Of Next Generation Squad Weapon System Prototypes To The U.S. Army

Over the weekend on social media SIG Sauer announced their final delivery of prototype weapon systems to the U.S. Army for evaluation. The delivery includes the final prototypes of the SIG’s rifle and machine gun. The weapon systems have been refined after feedback from the “solider touch point” phase of field evaluation. Which they sent the weapon prototypes and their proprietary 6.8x51mm ammunition. SIG Sauer was the only company to completely build and design the weapon systems, suppressors, and ammunition in house with no external partners.

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Shadow Systems Announces The Full Size DR920 Pistol

At, Virtual Shot Show Texas-based Shadow Systems announced the release of their full sized pistol the DR920. The DR stands for Duty Role. The new Shadow Systems pistol were designed with the input from military and law enforcement professionals. Taking their knowledge and input to build the duty pistol they wanted in the line of duty. The new pistol will be a available in either Combat or Elite models. The differences in the two models lie in the design features of the slide. The Elite models feature a window cut on the side of the slide.