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CZ Unveils The New Shadow 2 Compact

Over the last couple of years, CZ has been keeping a closely guarded secret from prying eyes. During this time, engineers, designers, and shooters have meticulously designed and refined the newest entry into the beloved CZ Shadow lineup. In the past, there have been whispers and conjectures that CZ might be introducing something new to the lineup. The community speculated and hoped CZ would make Shadow 2 in a compact form factor. Now, that dream has come to fruition. CZ USA is proud to announce the CZ Shadow 2 Compact.


CZ-USA Announces Single Action Shadow 2

Last week, CZ-USA announced the addition to the CZ Shadow 2 lineup. The Shadow 2 is a single action pistol chambered in 9mm. CZ looks for the Shadow 2 SA to appeal to target shooting and 3Gun competitors. The CZ Shadow is priced to sell at $1,349.