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Barnual Cartridge Plant based out in Russia is producing steel cased .300 blackout ammunition for the American firearms market. The first batch of .300 blackout ammunition has already been shipped to the U.S.

The ammunition will be marketed under the Wolf Brand name. Like many Wolf ammunition offerings, its going to be a more affordable option versus brass. No, price has been giving yet on the Wolf Brand .300 blackout. We will have to stay tuned for that future development.

In the marketing material below from Barnaul Cartridge the .300 Blackout will be loaded with 145-grain FMJ bullets. Traveling at a velocity of 1,985 FPS. The casing will be polymer coated and the bullets are bimetallic.

Barnual’s introduction of steel-cased ammunition will potentially lead to greater popularity of the versatile .300 blackout round. 

What do you think of .300 blackout steel-cased ammo? Would you buy it? Does this make you think about investing in a .300 blackout build? Let us know in the comments below. 

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