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My Thoughts On The House Passage Of H.R.8– Aka Universal Background Checks

Thursday afternoon, the House passed H.R.8 with a 237-208 vote on the House floor. Now, H.R. 8 moves forward to Senate where it will be hotly and closely contested. This legislation has the ability to pass the senate with the slimmest of margins due to the 50-50 split in the senate. Giving VP Kamala Harris the deciding and crucial vote on important legislation.

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Gearing Up For The Road Ahead: Exploring The Challenges Of A Biden Presidency In Regards To The Second Amendment

Today, President-Elect Joe Biden will be sworn in today as 46th President Of The United States Of America. With this transition of power we will see the transition of policy ideas and new legislation during these next four years. The next four years will be critical to preserving our first and secondment rights in this great nation.

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What the Victory Of Georgia Dems in Means For Our Second Amendment Rights

Last night, Georgia held its Senate Runoff election for its two senate seats in Congress. Those two seats were crucial to both Democrats and Republicans in the next congressional term stating this year. If the Republicans maintained those seats they would continue with the senate majority, lead by Minority Leader McConnell. Giving the Republicans the ability to block potentially harmful democrat legislation. If the Democrats where to win it would create a tie in the senate. Leading to the Vice President being the tie breaker on potential legislation votes. With Kamala Harris potential the new VP, it would allow for progressive legislation to move essentially unopposed through both houses.