I Eat, Sleep, Shit, and Talk Tactics.

There is an old school Juvenile Song called 400 degreez. In the song he opens up with, “Ya see me I eat, sleep, shit, and talk rap. Ya seen that 98 Mercedes on t.v. I bought that. I had some felony charges I fought that. Been sent to no return but still was brought back.” The song goes on from there, what is most important from the lyrics is the first line. Juvenile says, “I eat, sleep, shit, and talk rap.” That is the way I am when it comes to tactics. I eat, sleep, and shit tactics. If I had the ability to talk tactics and research tactics I would do it all day. Juvenile’s obsession is his love for the artistry of rap and hip-hop. My obsession and love is for artistry of warfare and tactics. 

For most of my life I have been obsessed about war and conflict. I have always gravitated towards it. Their is so much complexity to the dynamics of warfare it has always intrigued me. War and strategy breaks down into different elements. You have the human element, the strategic element, and the technology element. These elements work together for you or against you in the field of combat. You must understand how to manage and sometime overcome these elements to secure victory on the battlefield. If you do not you are bound for defeat.

In my teenage years I would spend hours pouring over famous battles of history. While also researching military leaders of the past. The purpose was to gain a greater understanding of tactics, how warfare has evolved, and how to lead and motivate men. 

I researched The Battle of Carthage. The Spartans at the Hot Gates, Alexander the Great campaigns, and all of WWI and WWII. I read about any battle that gained my interest. I wanted to understand the X’s and O’s of those victories. I wanted to understand the decision making process and how these military leaders saw the complex and dynamic battlefield.

I researched military leaders such as Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, Juilus Caesar, Musashi Miyamoto, Napoleon Bonaparte, Carl Von Clausewitz, and General George Patton. I wanted to understanding their military tactics and insight into battle. I wanted to understand how they lead and motivated men. There are times I did not agree with all their decisions or leadership choices. It was a learning experience for me to see it from a complete perspective. To understand how to lead in battle you have to be able to tactically sound and know how to motivate men.

When I joined the Marines my obsession for tactics only increased because I was finally getting a proper military education of the dynamics of war and combat. Every source of knowledge that was available to me I read. It was my obsession and still is to this day. In combat everything makes sense to me. The world makes sense. The enemy makes sense. The reason why I live and breath makes sense to me. It is dynamic and fluid environment. It can rattle the senses and cause one to flinch in the moment. To hesitate and not be willing or able to act. Yet, if you prepare mentally, emotional, and physically. You will be able to meet the challenge in front of you. 

In the midst of war and combat I feel at home and with a purpose. It is my domain. Tactics and combat are my obsession. There is so much to learn and I am always a student of the game. 

Even though I have currently been out of the Marines for 4 years this September. I still will read old Marine Corps manuals, my knowledge from squad leaders course, or any other military knowledge I acquired during my enlistment. 

I know I am behind on the tactical advances on the battlefield that have taken place. Yet, the core  of tactics and strategies will always stay the same just the implementation of them will change. You have emerging technologies and warfare advancement which makes today’s warfighter more lethal than yesterday. With that hinderance of informational flow in my way I try my best to stay informed of the developments on tactics within the military community.

Expanding Obsidian Concepts Content

The reason why I bringing up my obsession with tactics and combat is because I am looking to expand my content. I would like to start exploring tactics on a military level, policing level, and a personal defense level. I want to cover a board spectrum of topics within those genres of tactics and strategy. I have always wanted this page to explore, research and study tactics. Tactics and strategy is such a complex and dynamic beast there will always be more to learn and understand. You have to be a student of tactics and always be willing to evolve along with them. 

I am currently doing the Hard to Kill series. I know I only have one post but, I do plan on adding to that on a regular basis. I am trying to get a flow to the content that makes sense. I would like to also start a series called Tactical Considerations. In this series I would like to explore concepts or ideas that could help with tactical efficiency or help increasing your combat skills. I have a few other ideas that are less fleshed out and I will share them with the community when they are more concrete in my mind. 

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At the end of the day I have many obsessions in my life. Tactics and strategy is one of them. My goal of this blog is to share my passions with the world no matter what they are. I am looking to create engaging content and ask engaging questions from that content. So, be on the look out for new content within the tactical realm.

What are some things would you like to see covered in the tactics section? Do you like my two current idea for blog series? Let me know in the comments below.

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