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By Drew Bryant
May 23rd, 2023,

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Over the last couple of weeks, Antimatter Industries and prominent individuals within the industry have been teasing an innovative and exciting new product from the company. The new scope mount would allow users to change the magnification on their optic of choice rapidly and with ease. The new optic mount gathered intrigue, curiosity, and excitement from the community. Antimatter Industries is proud to announce the innovative ScopeSwitch LT optic mount.

The new ScopeSwitch is a scope mount that allows you to rapidly adjust your riflescope’s magnification without removing your hand from the rifle. This allows shooters to stay locked in on your potential target without removing your hand to manipulate your scope’s magnification. This allows the shooters quickly positively ID a target, track a target through the course of your magnification, and shoot while zooming in or out.

Antimatter designed the ScopeSwitch to be rugged and duty capable. The ScopeSwitch is made out of 7075 T6 Aluminum with nitride steel lugs. The mount weighs 6.3 oz and 4.2 oz for the rest of the system. The optical centerline height for the ScopeSwitch is 1.93”. This allows for heads-up shooting and passive aiming with NVGs. Finally, the innovative mount can be used with rifles with 10.5” barrels and up.

Below are the product description and advantages of the ScopeSwitch from Antimatter Industries.

Product Description

The Scopeswitch is a new type of scope mount that allows your offhand to remain on the handguard while still controlling the zoom. You can now shoot while zooming and stay engaged when those feral pigs or bad guys scatter.

We didn’t skimp on the construction of the mount. Made out of 7075 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum and 4140 nitrided steel lugs, it’s one of the strongest and lightest mounts in the industry, weighing in at just 6.3 oz, and the rest of the system weighs 4.2 oz.

The optical centerline height is 1.93” for modern upright shooting with plate carriers and passive aiming with NVGs. Similar to the thought behind many red dot risers.

The Scopeswitch was designed to work down to 10.5” carbines, although we suggest longer barrel lengths for increased velocity with 556. Designed for the armed professional, it also gives hunters and competitive shooters a major advantage to target ID and reduce time before and after taking shots.

Advantages Of The ScopeSwitch

• Keep your C-clamp grip and simply pull your thumb back to zoom.

• After your first shot, rapidly zoom out as the enemy scatters and then re-engage.

• Faster friend or foe identification

• More accurate no-miss shots, i.e. hostage rescue

• 1.93” Optical centerline height.

The ScopeSwitch went on sale late last week and is sold out on the company’s website. You can sign up to be notified when the ScopeSwitch is back in stock. The new mount retails for $599 MSRP. For more on the ScopeSwitch, head over to Antimatter Industries’ website.

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