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Trigger Tech Releases New AR Duty Triggers

Trigger Tech is known for making some of the best drop-in triggers for ARs in the industry. The trigger company also makes well-received triggers for the Remington 700 bolt action rifle. Trigger Tech is proud to announce its newest drop-in trigger designed for duty use—the AR Duty trigger.

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Geissele Releases New RDSMicro From Warner & Swasey

Warner & Swasey have a long legacy within the firearms industry. The company produced the scope for the iconic M1903 Springfield that saw use in both World Wars. Geissele Automatics brings back the Warner & Swasey name and introduces a new optic with the RDSMicro MOA3. The new red dot features a 3-MOA red dot, shake awake, 20,000-hour battery life, and integrated backup sights.

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High Speed Gear Releases Polymer Taco V2

High Speed Gear is known for making quality firearms accessories, and gear trusted by the military, law enforcement, and prepared civilians. The company is known for its popular Taco magazine pouches. Now, High Speed Gear is proud to introduce the Polymer Taco V2. The Taco V2 has been overhauled and modernized to give the end user maximum versatility with their new magazine pouches.

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Primary Arms Releases SLx MD-25 Gen 2 With The ACSS Reticle

At Shot Show 2023, Primary Arms unveiled SLx MD-25 with the ACSS reticle. Now, the new red dot is ready for prime time and to provide consumers with an affordable red dot option. The SLx MD-25 Gen II features a 12,000-hour battery life, auto live technology, and 12 illumination settings. The red dot also includes risers and spacers for the end users to find the perfect optic height.

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Overbore System Releases The SWVL Mount

Rail space is a precious commodity when mounting aiming lasers and weapon lights to your rifle. When mounting your weapon light, it can become tedious and expensive to find the correct fitment between your light and the aiming laser device. Overbore Systems has found a solution to that problem with the SWVL.

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FRAC, SB Tactical, B&T USA, & 25 States Sue The ATF Over New Pistol Brace Ruling

Yesterday, FRAC, SB Tactical, B&T USA, Rick Cicero, and 25 states are suing the ATF, AG Garland, and Steven Dettelbach, the Director of the ATF. The lawsuit was filed less than two weeks after the pistol brace rule was submitted to the Federal Registry. This new ruling considers ARs with pistol braces short barrel rifles, thus making them an NFA item regulated by the ATF.