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Republic Of Arizona Research Releases The Innovative & Versatile Mohave Grip

In the dynamic landscape of firearm accessories, a new and promising player has emerged — The Republic of Arizona Research (RAZR). Positioned as an innovative force, RAZR is poised to make a lasting impact with its commitment to providing end users with cutting-edge products. At the forefront of their offerings is the Mohave Grip, a revolutionary foregrip designed to redefine the shooting experience.

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SilencerCo Issues Suppressor Safety Recall

Last Monday, SilencerCo announced the immediate safety recall for the Omega 300, Omega 36M, Hybrid 46, Hybrid 46M, and Harvester EVO purchased between June 1, 2023, and October 9, 2023, including ones sent to SilencerCo dealers. The company has recently discovered a welding deficiency on these suppressors that could be a potential threat to the user due to a catastrophic failure of the suppressor.

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Griffin Armament Jumps Into The Optics Game With A New LPVO & Pistol Red Dot Sight

Griffin Armament is a well-known brand within the suppressor market for building well-designed, robust, and reliable suppressors. The suppressor manufacturer also dabbles in making components for the AR-15 platform, such as upper and lower receivers and hand guards. Now, Griffin Armament has jumped into the ever-growing and diverse optics market with the release of the Ideal Carbine Optic and the Griffin Micro Sight. Let’s take a closer look at what these two optics offer.

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Introducing the Kraken: Phoenix Tactical’s Bold Venture into the Rifle Market

Embarking on its inaugural journey into the rifle market, Phoenix Tactical, a Florida-based firearm manufacturer, unveils its new rifle the Kraken. With a keen focus on durability and longevity, the Kraken is meticulously crafted to serve as the quintessential workhorse rifle for end users. Boasting premium components, including a billeted upper and lower receiver, this rifle stands out with ambidextrous controls for seamless manipulation by both right and left-handed shooters.

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BCM Introduces The A/T Riser For Optic/Magnifier Combos

Bravo Company USA (BCM) has long been synonymous with the production of reliable and trusted rifles, earning the confidence of military, law enforcement, and civilian users alike. Expanding their expertise beyond rifles, BCM has ventured into crafting meticulously designed optic mounting systems for enhanced versatility. The A/T Optic Riser, a recent addition to their innovative lineup, stands out as an ideal solution for consolidating red dots, magnifiers, and other optics.

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Zenith Firearms Introduces The ZF-56: An AR-HK Hybird Chambered In 5.56

Zenith Firearms, known for its presence in the HK MP5 clone market, is making significant strides by diversifying its firearm lineup. Their latest offering, the ZF-56, marks an innovative hybrid that blends the familiarity of the AR-15 and HK93 platforms. What sets this rifle apart is its incorporation of a roller-delayed blowback bolt system, a feature favored by enthusiasts. Notably, the ZF-56 retains the convenience of a last-round bolt hold open mechanism but introduces a proprietary lower receiver, while also maintaining compatibility with AR-style triggers, grips, and magazines.

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Federal Ammunition Is Awarded Duty Ammo Contract For the DHS & ICE

Federal Ammunition, renowned for its trusted performance in the hands of military and law enforcement worldwide, continues to solidify its legacy by securing another prestigious ammunition contract. The latest feather in their cap is the awarding of an ammunition contract for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), further attesting to their excellence, this time for .223 ammunition.

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Noveske Rifleworks Unleashes ‘Nosferatu’ Chainsaw Sets and Nightcap Rifle: A Spine-Tingling Halloween Surprise

In a thrilling announcement that’s set to electrify the firearms community, Noveske Rifleworks has unveiled a limited edition treat just in time for Halloween. The renowned firearms manufacturer is introducing their ‘Nosferatu’ chainsaw receiver sets, a one-of-a-kind drop featuring only 100 matching sets, engraved with precision and elegance. These exclusive sets will be available for purchase on Noveske’s website, adding an aura of exclusivity to this special release.

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C+H Precision Introduces Cutting-Edge Modular Ring Mount for LPVOs

During the last year, C&H Precision has stepped outside of its comfort zone and began to develop its line of products. At Shot Show this year, the company introduced its lineup of pistol optics. Now, the company is producing accessories for those optics. C&H Precision is proud to announce its new lineup of modular scope rings. The unique scope rings from C&H don’t replace the top of the scope ring, limiting placement; instead, it’s on a separate set of rings, allowing the user to place it where it suits their needs best.

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Sound Suppression Redefined: Surefire’s SOCOM RC3 and Its Low Back Pressure Design

Surefire is known for building some of the industry’s most rugged and reliable suppressors on the market. The RC2 and RC2 mini are the benchmark other suppressors manufacturers try to meet. Over the years, the RC2 series has been trusted by SF operators, law enforcement, and civilians worldwide for its unmarried performance. The company looks forward to continuing that lineage with its next generation of suppressors. Surefire proudly announces the next generation of suppressor technology, the SOCOM RC3.

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Primary Arms & Sons Of Liberty Gun Works Collaborate On New M-16 A5 Build

Primary Arms(PA) is one of the biggest online retailers of firearms, parts, and accessories. The blossoming and booming company has also built an successful line of red dots, riflescopes, and optics. Son of Liberty Gunworks(SOLGW) is known for building a well-built, rugged, and reliable rifle for today’s shooters. The two companies have joined forces for an exclusive Primary Arms build. The new exclusive brings some old, some new, and some who will consider it an egregious crime against the M-16 platform. Primary Arms and SOLGW are proud to announce the M-16 A5.

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Introducing Gemtech’s Cutting-Edge Abyss 7.62 Suppressor

In the world of firearms enthusiasts and professionals, Gemtech needs no introduction. Earlier this year, the renowned company made waves with the release of the Abyss 5.56 suppressor. Now, they’re back with the Abyss 7.62 suppressor. Crafted with stainless and titanium materials and boasting a compact 6.6-inch length, this new addition to Gemtech’s arsenal is a game-changer

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A New Look For The Piston-Driven AR: VKTR Industries Unveils The VK-1

In the heart of House Springs, Missouri, VKTR Industries is a fledging firearm a company that has recently made a significant impact by launching its groundbreaking rifle, the VK-1, at TriggrCon 2023. Designed in collaboration with designer Paul Leitner-Wise, this piston-driven marvel is redefining the standards of modern rifles. With a host of innovative features and a collection of patents to its name, the VK-1 earned the prestigious TriggrCon 2023 Golden Triggr Award for Most Innovative Long Gun.

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Enhance Your Training with Caldwell’s Flash Bang Light-Up Indicator For Targets

Caldwell is known for making steel targets and target accessories for both pistol and rifle shooting. Recently, Caldwell announced their newest shooting accessory—the Flash Bang Hit Indicator. The Flash Bang attaches to a steel target to provide a visual aid when the target is struck. This allows shooters to gain another level of shot accountability, providing shooters with třwaudio and visual confirmation especially at longer ranges.

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A Breath Of Fresh Air: HUXWRX Releases The Ventum 762 HUB Suppressor

HUXWRX has carved a distinctive reputation in the firearms industry, renowned for its groundbreaking designs and unwavering commitment to driving innovation in the suppressor market. This innovation has pushed the suppressor industry towards a significant paradigm shift in recent years. The company has been a champion of its trademark Flow-Through suppressor technology that reduces the back pressure and release of toxic gases into the shooter’s face. HUXWRX is proud to announce its newest suppressor—the Ventum 762.