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Zenith Firearms Introduces The ZF-56: An AR-HK Hybird Chambered In 5.56

Zenith Firearms, known for its presence in the HK MP5 clone market, is making significant strides by diversifying its firearm lineup. Their latest offering, the ZF-56, marks an innovative hybrid that blends the familiarity of the AR-15 and HK93 platforms. What sets this rifle apart is its incorporation of a roller-delayed blowback bolt system, a feature favored by enthusiasts. Notably, the ZF-56 retains the convenience of a last-round bolt hold open mechanism but introduces a proprietary lower receiver, while also maintaining compatibility with AR-style triggers, grips, and magazines.

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H&K Unveils The Ultra-Compact SFP9CC

Heckler & Koch (H&K) takes a very Apple approach to new products. Apple won’t release new features on the iPhone until Apple feels like they have a purpose grasp of the technology and know how to implement it properly into its ecosystem. Heckler & Koch seems to approach their firearms in the same way. At, EnforceTac 2023, H&K unveiled the new H&K SFP9CC, the first micro-compact in the H&K VP9 series.


Magpul Introduces PMAG D-50 For Glock & HK MP-5 Platforms

Magpul is known for making industry leading polymer magazines. Magpul magazines are strong, reliable and can take a beating and keep on feeding. A couple years back the company released the D-60 drum for 5.56/.223. Those drums sold like wild fire. Just as the D-50 drum did for its .308 released. Now, Magpul is bringing some more drum love to pistol round with the D-50 for the Glock and MP-5.