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By Drew Bryant
March 14th, 2023,

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Heckler & Koch (H&K) takes a very Apple approach to new products. Apple won’t release new features on the iPhone until Apple feels like they have a purpose grasp of the technology and know how to implement it properly into its ecosystem. Heckler & Koch seems to approach their firearms in the same way. At, EnforceTac 2023, H&K unveiled the new H&K SFP9CC, the first micro-compact in the H&K VP9 series.

The new SFP9CC is geared toward individuals looking for the reduced size that a micro-compact offers, along with the increased round count. The new micro-compact from H&k looks to compete with established players such as Glock 48, SIG P365, and the Hellcat Pro.

According to the information available on the SFP9CC, there will be two versions. First is the standard model, which will feature ambidextrous controls offered with or without a Picatinny rail. The second model is called the Shape. The pistol was designed for a deeper level of concealment. The Shape didn’t feature ambidextrous controls as the standard model and was designed with specific contouring and comfort. The capacity for both models of the SFP9CC will be 10+1 with a flush magazine and 13+1 with an extended magazine. Below are the features include on the SFP9CC micro-compact pistol.

Features of the SFP9CC include:

• SF or TR trigger. SF pull/reset is listed as similar to the VP9, with the TR heavier/longer.

• Five backstrap sizes so the gun can be fit more precisely to the shooter’s hands.

• Two magazine baseplates, flush and extended for a pinky rest.

• Three possible magazine release options: paddle, button, and heel release.

• Charging support “ears” are available if desired to facilitate racking the slide.

• Optics cut is available for those who want an optics-ready pistol.

The release date and price for the H&K SFP9CC are currently unknown. It might be some time before we see this new micro-compact stateside.

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