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Powered By The Sun: Holosun Releases The Much Anticipated Holosun SCS-320 Red Dot Sight

Holosun Optics has gained a reputation for making innovative, reliable, and rugged optics for pistols and rifles. This pedigree has pushed other optic manufacturers to innovate while being price-competitive with Holosun optics. One of Holosun’s most popular innovations is the Solar Charging Sight series of red dot optics. Holosun is proud to introduce the newest entry to the SCS series with the SCS-320. The new SCS features a 20,000 hr rechargeable battery, has a Delta Point Foot, features Holosun’s multi-reticle design, and is fully enclosed.

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Shot Show 2023: Holosun Unveils New Digital Reflex Sight With Thermal Or Night Vision Capabilities

Over the years, Holosun has proven to be a viable alternative to the more prominent optic companies by providing well-constructed and reliable products at a reasonable price. Also, Holosun hasn’t been scared to innovate with products like Solar Charging Sight or SCS for short. That features a 20,000-hour battery and uses ambient light to keep the battery charged. Now, Holosun has unveiled its most significant endeavor so far to meet the Digitial Reflex Sights. The new optics feature integrated night vision or thermal capabilities with a traditional red dot.

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Shot Show 2023: Holosun Expands Their SCS Pistol lineup with 3 New Entries

At this year’s Shot Show, Holosun has taken the industry event by storm with a strong lineup of optics for your pistol and rifle in 2023. The company also took its first foray into the night vision and thermal markets. At Shot Show, Holosun announced they are expanding the SCS (Solar Charging Sight) lineup with three new entries. The SCS will now be available for the H&K VP9, Walther PDP, and SIG P320. The SIG P320 version will feature an enclosed emitter on a Delta Point Pro footprint.