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FN Catch 22 Ti: FN America’s Lightweight Marvel in Rimfire Suppression

FN America, a name synonymous with innovation and quality in the firearms industry, is proud to introduce the Catch 22 Ti, a remarkable feat of engineering that marks FN’s first foray into rimfire suppressors. Weighing in at a mere 5 ounces, constructed from durable titanium, user-serviceable, and adorned with a High-Temp Cerakote finish in black or FDE, the FN Catch 22 Ti is set to redefine rimfire suppression.

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Taurus GX4 Graphene: Budget-Friendly Firearm Redefined

Taurus, a name synonymous with budget-friendly firearms, has continually provided a diverse range of options to firearm enthusiasts, whether they seek pistols, revolvers, or rimfire handguns. While Taurus has long excelled in delivering affordability, their latest offering, the GX4 Graphene, marks a significant leap into sophistication and innovative features—an exciting departure from the brand’s budget-friendly reputation.

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Powered By The Sun: Holosun Releases The Much Anticipated Holosun SCS-320 Red Dot Sight

Holosun Optics has gained a reputation for making innovative, reliable, and rugged optics for pistols and rifles. This pedigree has pushed other optic manufacturers to innovate while being price-competitive with Holosun optics. One of Holosun’s most popular innovations is the Solar Charging Sight series of red dot optics. Holosun is proud to introduce the newest entry to the SCS series with the SCS-320. The new SCS features a 20,000 hr rechargeable battery, has a Delta Point Foot, features Holosun’s multi-reticle design, and is fully enclosed.

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There Can Only Be One: Safariland Releases Exclusive Kryptek Highlander Camo Pattern Series of Holsters

Safariland has set the gold standard in the global holster market and is trusted by professionals worldwide with unparalleled quality and remarkable reliability. The 6000 series of holsters is the most successful line of holsters Safariland potentially produces. The 6000 series features many variations for each specific handgun, light, and optic combination. Safariland is known for making exclusive Camo pattern wraps for its holster. Safariland is proud to introduce its newest addition to the lineup with the Kryptek Highlander Camo pattern for the 3654RDS, 6304RDS, and 6354RDSO ALS holsters.

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Cabot Guns Unveils St. Michael’s Banderole: A Masterpiece of Craftsmanship and Devotion

Cabot Guns’ commitment to elevating the 1911 platform to new heights is unmistakable. The St. Michael’s Banderole stands as a testament to this dedication, transcending the conventional to become a masterpiece that exemplifies both form and function. As part of their esteemed One-Of-A-Kind collection, this 9mm pistol is a true work of art, a fusion of vision and craftsmanship that encapsulates Cabot’s ethos.

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Killer Innovations Unveils Velocity V1 Slide: Elevating Customization For The SIG P365

Well known firearm manufacturer Killer Innovations continues to push the boundaries of innovation and quality with their latest offering, the Velocity V1 Slide for Sig P365. Widely recognized for their futuristic designs and craftsmanship, Killer Innovations has once again captured the attention of the firearms industry. The Velocity V1 Slide, available in both sleek Black and sophisticated Grey coatings, aims to redefine customization possibilities for Sig P365/365XL owners.

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CZ Unveils The New Shadow 2 Compact

Over the last couple of years, CZ has been keeping a closely guarded secret from prying eyes. During this time, engineers, designers, and shooters have meticulously designed and refined the newest entry into the beloved CZ Shadow lineup. In the past, there have been whispers and conjectures that CZ might be introducing something new to the lineup. The community speculated and hoped CZ would make Shadow 2 in a compact form factor. Now, that dream has come to fruition. CZ USA is proud to announce the CZ Shadow 2 Compact.

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Knowledge in Motion: GBRS Group Joins Forces with Agency Arms for P320c Slide

In an exciting union of tactical expertise and cutting-edge design, GBRS Group and Agency Arms have joined forces to create a clean and practical slide design collaboration for the P320c. GBRS Group’s wealth of operational experience has combined seamlessly with Agency Arms’ renowned design and manufacturing prowess to produce a slide that masterfully bridges the gap between aesthetics and performance. The result is the remarkable GBRS Group X Agency slide, a testament to the fusion of form and function in firearm innovation.

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Alchemy Custom Weaponry Unveils The New Quantico HiCap Carry

Embracing traditional build methods, including the use of quality components, meticulous hand-fitting, and American craftsmanship, Alchemy pistols redefine firearm aesthetics and performance. The latest addition to their illustrious lineup, the Quantico HiCap Carry, showcases their dedication to elevating firearms to an unparalleled level of sophistication.

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Yankee Hill Releases The Sidewinder M2 Suppressor in 9mm & .45 ACP

Introducing the latest innovation from Yankee Hill Machine: the Sidewinder M2 Suppressor. This remarkable suppressor, available in both 9mm and .45 ACP, is a game-changer in the world of firearm accessories. Designed with a keen focus on lightweight construction, rugged durability, and premium features, the Sidewinder M2 bridges the gap between affordability and top-tier performance.

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From Legacy To Innovation: Oracle Arms 2311 Now Live for Sale-A Modern Take On The Iconic 1911

In a remarkable return that has left both industry insiders and firearm enthusiasts buzzing with excitement, Oracle Arms has once again taken center stage. After a prolonged period of silence, Oracle Arms has reemerged onto the firearms landscape, making a resounding announcement on social media: the highly anticipated Oracle Arms 2311 is now officially unveiled.

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Next-Generation Optics: SIG SAUER Launches Romeo-X Series Pistol Red Dots

Earlier this year at Shot Show 2023, SIG SAUER introduced the Romeo-M17. The M17 was designed and built from the ground up to fit on top of SIG M17/18. The optic was built to be reliable and robust to handle the wear and tear that military gear takes. SIG took all the lessons from the Romeo-M17 and put them into a civilian-friendly version. SIG SAUER is excited to announce the Romeo-X series of pistol red dots.

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Nomad Defense Releases The Nomad 9X

Nomad Defense is known for making high-quality frames for the Glock Gen 4 and 5 pistols. Frames from Nomad feature improved ergonomics, adjustable back straps, and built-in gas pedals to help manage recoil better. These frames are an upgrade compared to traditional Glock frames. Now, Nomad Defense is proud to introduce the Nomad 9X.