The first official trailer for the new Wonder Woman movie has dropped. Lucky fans at Brazil Comic Con 2019 were the first to see the new Wonder Woman 1984 trailer. Check out the trailer above. 

The trailer features Gal Gadot as our titular character Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman set in the 1980’s. Flash forwarding 40 plus years after the events of the original Wonder Woman movie. We see Pedro Pascal who plays Maxwell Lord through the trailer in some style of 1980’s informercial. We also see Kristen Wiig befriending Diana but later turns out to be Cheetah, which is apart of Wonder Woman’s rogue gallery. We also see the return of Diana’s love Steve Trevor played by Chris Pine. 

The trailer has plenty of action and 1980’s style to it. The action set pieces show off look well choreographed with a lot of impact. In the trailer we see plenty of Wonder Woman bring the fight to her enemy’s. We also get the classic Wonder Woman visuals of bullet deflecting with her gauntlets, using her lasso of truth, and using her incredible strength and agility. 

What do you think of the new Wonder Woman 1984 trailer? Are you looking forward to seeing it summer of 2020? Let us know in the comments below. 

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