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Searching around the internet looking into firearm information and news. I decided to check out Glock. As, soon as I opened their site I found an announcement of a live broadcast from Glock. Saying that legendary news was coming this Tuesday, December 10th. Advising you to register for the live event at 10 am EST. I quickly registered and received a confirmation email for the live stream reveal. I honestly have no clue what it could be.

 I conducted a search on the internet and social media. On Instagram, I found a post from Thanksgiving week announcing the live stream reveal. Along with a couple of posts within the last few days. The posts announce the live stream on Tuesday and not much else. 

The imagery from the posts are men and women in an outdoor environment. I don’t know if that imagery was purposeful or not. You could theorize it does. Does that mean Glock is getting into gear or optics? I honestly don’t know. I don’t believe you can read into the photos too much. If it was a longer social media campaign then you could read into the posts in that way. As, they stand I wouldn’t. 

I found a post from Ammoland on November 26th. It talks about Glock announcing legendary news and that is it. Here is a link to the Ammoland post. 

So, it’s not much news on what Glock will be revealing. These are my three theories though. First, Glock could be getting into the gear and optics game. Second, the are releasing a new pistol maybe a 1911 like has be theorized on forums and Reddit threads for years. Lastly, my boldest theory. Glock is getting into the AR-15 game with rifles, triggers, and accessories. 

Those are my thoughts on the potential live event reveal. If you are interested I would register for the event. Here is a link to register for the event on Glock’s website. 

What do you think the legendary news Glock will be unveiling? Let me know in the comments below. 

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