What’s up everyone. I just wanted to let the readers of Obsidian Concepts know that some changes were being made to the website, mainly the name. Some people might be wondering why the name change is happening and some might be indifferent. Either way I always aim to be transparent and honest about all dealings when it comes down to this website. I think everyone deserves that transparency. So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

When I original started this website I didn’t know what to name it. I wanted to have a high speed name that had to do with operator style stuff. Like Black Ops Fireams, Covert Ops, and etc. The super secret squirrel stuff that we all want to be someday when we grow up. So, that’s how Obsidan Concepts came about Obsidan (Black or Clandestine) and Concepts (Ops). I thought I was being clever. Shortly, after naming the website that I thought it needed a change of name. I was planning on covering firearms, gear, and tactics. So, I needed people to know what my product was when the heard the name. Yet, and still I kept it.

Fast forward to two weeks ago. The page is booming. Content is flowing and the page is gaining traction. I go to google search the page and their is a company who has business license that now uses the name Obsidian Concepts. To have no confusion on that and to clarify the content I cover I believe now was time for a name change.

So, I polled the Instagram followers on what I should change the name to and the winner was The Loadout. So, now I’m going to be staring the slow transition to The Loadout. I will change all appropriate material to The Loadout on our website and social media. I will also be reaching out to all industry contacts we have made to make them aware of the pending change.

This will be a process done over the course of the rest of the year and beyond until all the necessary shifts has been made. The website address will stay the same for the moment. So, people can still find the page.

Nothing changes when it comes to what I seek to do with this page. Which is to create the news and training hub for the firearms community. My dedication to that dream has not changed at all and won’t.

Thank you for all your support without you this page wouldn’t be seeing the exponential growth I had this year. It’s because of you this is possible.

Thanks For Reading

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