Thursday afternoon, the House passed H.R.8 with a 237-208 vote on the House floor. Now, H.R. 8 moves forward to Senate where it will be hotly and closely contested. This legislation has the ability to pass the senate with the slimmest of margins due to the 50-50 split in the senate. Giving VP Kamala Harris the deciding and crucial vote on important legislation.

House Resolution 8 is yet another erosion of our rights and another straw upon the camels back. This potential new legislation that now has the ability to become law will introduce Universal Background Checks on all firearm sales. Which would eliminate the rights of Americans to sell their privately owned property without government intervention.

This is an obvious attack on our second amendment rights and a further erosion of our freedoms and liberties. All this is done under the guise of safety and reducing gun violence. This has been the Democratic Party talking point on violence for decades. Yet, these policies have seen no real world effect on curbing violence. These are not laws meant to invoke safety but, to strip law-abiding citizen of their right to keep and bear arms. While also now trying to dictate to you on how you can sale your private property.

For all those who bought the fools gold and believe the Democrats lie of, “We are not after your guns.” President Biden isn’t going to take away your rights. He just wants common sense gun laws. We warned you that intense and restrictive legislation was coming. You did not heed our warnings. The writing is on the wall and the fight for our rights ensues. Look upon what you have wrought with your blind ignorance and obedience to the narrative.

The elected officials who walk the halls of Congress do not represent the American people. They seek to control us, stymie us, and strip us of our rights and liberties. They only seek power to control us and empower themselves. The only option left to us is to fight against the tyranny of men and governments.

What are your thoughts on the H.R.8 passing the house and headed to the senate? Let us know in the comments below.

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