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Last week, in Mexico over 7 million rounds of ammunition was stolen from two semitrailers transporting the ammunition. The Mexican news outlet Regeneracion broke the incredible story last week on June 10th. The ammunition that was stolen was manufactured by Industrias Tecnos also known as Aguila Ammunition to the American market. Aguila is based out of Mexico and is a large manufacturer of small arms ammunition for the North American market. The company stated that two tractor trailers were stolen in Guanajuato, Mexico which contained a total of 7,114,150 rounds of various types of small arms ammunition. The theft of the trucks was reported to local authorities on June 10th. The day of the original article release by Regneracion. As, of now there has been no official reports that the trucks have been found.

Below, is the translated article from Regeneracion.


Millions of Rounds of Ammunition Stolen from Guanajuato, Mexico

Regeneration, June 10, 2021. The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) opened the investigation folder to initiate investigations into the theft of 7,114,500 cartridges and two vehicles in which they were transported.

It is a vehicle Altamirano brand, white, model, and plates particular to the state of Morelos. The plate numbers are: RCS2E402002 and 2MY050A. The semitrailer brand is a white 2015 Fruehauf with plate number 1MY150A and series 3AWV24824FX142001.

Ammunition stolen

• 4 million 872 thousand high speed .22 caliber Long Rifle (LR) cartridges.

• 1 million 230 thousand cartridges .22 caliber LR high speed PH

• 295 thousand .40 caliber S&W cartridges

• 215 thousand .22 caliber cartridges LR super hummingbird

• 117 thousand .45 caliber automatic cartridges
100 thousand cartridges .38 caliber special jacketed

• 99,000 M 7 1/2 high speed .410 caliber cartridges

• 87 thousand cartridges caliber 7.62 × 51 mm 150 GN

• 71 mil 500 caliber .12 minishell post

• 25 thousand cartridges caliber .38 super auto + P

• 3 thousand caliber 12 minishell slug cartridges

Through a letter the person in charge of the office of the FGR delegation in the state of Guanajuato, David Eugenio Carmona Álvarez, requested the cooperation of the holders and in charge of the delegations of the Prosecutor’s Office in the 32 entities of the Mexican Republic to disseminate the images and data of the stolen boxes; with the aim of securing them.

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